Video: USPS denies insurance claim for damaged package (until TV reporter gets involved)

(KUTV) Steve Biggs runs Special Effects Supply in North Salt Lake.

"We send and provide hard to find materials for artists of all kinds actually throughout the world," Biggs said.

Last September, he got an order from Oman, Jordan.

It wasn’t a small shipment – $900 worth of professional make-up. To protect himself, Steve paid extra for insurance through the United States Postal Service and it’s a good thing he did.

"It ends up that it got damaged. The whole box just really got hammered," Steve said.

Steve filed an insurance claim with the USPS and got a letter from them in which they confirmed that the package had been "damaged" in shipment.

So imagine Steve’s surprise a month later when the USPS said they were not going to pay the insurance claim. The USPS was now claiming that they could not confirm the package had been damaged.

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  • Bulk Tech

    Highly unlikely the package (from Jordan, correct?) was insured at all, and probably not for the amount he stated. International insurance is quirky. The contents, a form of makeup, may not be considered mailable by US standards, and could be disqualified for a claim.

  • common sense

    Highly unlikely you have a clue what you’re talking about. The package was from Utah, not Jordan. (I can understand why we have problems with insurance claims when we have illiterates like you involved). Unless I’m mistaken, we issue receipts for insurance purchases, don’t we? That just might settle the issue of how much he insured the package for, wouldn’t you think?

    And let’s not forget, the USPS finally, after a year, finally paid the claim after they got some bad publicity for stiffing a customer!

    Gee- wonder why we’d get bad publicity when we have losers like you selling people insurance, and then calling them liars when they try to file a claim!