Illinois PSE admits stealing debit card from mail

uspsoigAbra K. Albrecht, 31, of Carrollton, Illinois, has pleaded guilty to the theft of a $500 debit card from the mail. Albrect, hired in 2013, was a PSE at the Kampsville and Hardin IL post offices at the time of the theft in February of this year.

The mail theft charge carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and up to 3 years of supervised release.

  • Cali to Colo

    The customers are innocent victims.

  • LDDC tech

    Before PSEs and CCAs, we postal workers knew we had a decent retirement to look forward to, that was the main reason for remaining honest and continuing to work at the Post Office. Today’s new workers are not paid a great deal, have minimum benefits, and are worked like dogs, and have easy access to all kinds of mail, and the contents inside mailpieces. If you have a poor work ethic to begin with, as many new employees seem to have, you have a perfect storm for piss poor service and theft. I am not painting this picture to include all new hires, most are great people, but a good sized number of them just do not care…you get what you pay for.

  • common sense


    Please explain all the stories we’ve seen over the years about career employees close to retirement who throw it all away by stealing a WalMart gift card.

    PSEs and CCAs aren’t some strange species who lack morals- they’re EXACTLY the same as YOU. The only difference is they get paid less. You didn’t get the job because you were a superior being. You got it because you were LUCKY. Period.

    I am not painting this picture to include all career employees, most are great
    people, but a good sized number of them just do not care…you get what
    you pay for- even when you pay more!

  • martinbell11

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  • retired too

    Nope I’m with LDDC on this one. Better wages and benefits do attract higher quality workers. Sure there are always some problem people wherever you go.
    The high turn over rate for PSEs , CCAs indicates many flee to better opportunity. When they do you just lost a good employee. Those who don’t have a solid stake are far more likely to have a problem. By your theory there is no correlation between compensation and quality. If true we don’t need a minimum wage just one set standard wage for all employment.

  • common sense

    I think we may have less of a disagreement than you think. I’m all for increasing the minimum wage- $15/hr is poverty level pay. The problem is that $15/hr with minimal benefits IS “better wages” these days! That’s my point! If I was a young unemployed person I’d probably jump at a CCA job- because there aren’t many jobs out there that are going to pay a non-skilled worker that much.

    You and I and LDDC took a test many years ago, and passed, and got a decent paying secure job with benefits. Young people today don’t have that option, and IT ISN’T THEIR FAULT! We didn’t get our jobs because we were wonderful human beings- and today’s CCAs aren’t horrible people because they make a lot less money, in real dollars, then we did.

    Don’t blame the victims!