Carper sides with Republicans to oppose USPS plant closure moratorium

While a clear majority of US Senators, including Majority Leader Harry Reid have signed a letter asking the Appropriations Committee to impose a temporary moratorium on USPS plant closures, Senator Tom Carper, co-author of the 2006 PAEA law which created the postal service’s financial “crisis”, has chosen to side with Republicans and oppose the moratorium:

Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Ranking Member Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) sent a letter to Senate Appropriations Committee late Friday to caution the Members about implementing a moratorium on postal facility closures

carper-coburn_575012Carper’s opposition to the moratorium is a bit peculiar, since he and right wing Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma have co-authored a postal “reform” bill that includes a two year moratorium on plant closings. The Carper-Coburn bill however, also includes provisions that would allow the USPS to negotiate an end to pension coverage for new employees, and would end postal workers’ participation in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as it currently exists. Instead of selecting from FEHBP plans and rates available to all federal employees, Carper’s plan would segregate postal workers into a set of “postal-only” plans that would supposedly be “actuarially equivalent in value to those policies that [insurers] offer for other federal employees who receive FEHBP coverage”. Eligible retirees would be required to enroll in Medicare parts A, B and D.

In addition, Carper’s bill would allow the USPS to eliminate Saturday mail delivery, and would mandate the end of door to door delivery for businesses and new residences.

via Press Releases – Newsroom – Tom Carper, U.S. Senator for Delaware.

Correction: This post has been edited to clarify that the Carper-Coburn bill does not remove postal workers entirely from FEHBP, but does limit their participation to a separate set of “postal only” health insurance plans.

Postal Reform Act of 2014 Section by Section Summary

  • jt

    it is now the year 3576 , congress decided to wait another year for postal reform

  • sickofcarper

    Someone check Carper’s pockets to see who is lining them!!!!!!

  • retired too

    The guy just won’t admit it was the 2006 PAEA he co-sponsored that is the problem. Get rid that idiotic prefunding provision and none of this other nonsense is necessary. Then after that, all you politicians should stop meddling with the post office and get some real work done.

  • jr

    A Repulican who was elected on democrats money


  • sinatra

    I would not be surprised ; if National (NALC) granted Sen. Carper COLCPE money; and for how long? Friend; I don’t think so More like fiend. Active Letter Carrier-NYC.

  • Jack Frost

    Does meddling cessation encompass those Democratic Congressional inquiries requested by the unions in conjunction with the grievance process?

  • retired too

    You’ll have to be more specific since anyone can request a Congressional inquiry. Also this is not a Union thing. The Postal Service under the 1970 reorganization act is supposed to be an independent self sustaining entity off the general budget. It would be if Congress and I mean both parties would fix the defects in the PAEA 2006.