• Lol

    It was Publishers Clearing House garbage big deal. Get a bigger box.

  • dd808

    Anybody who wanted to take your mail out of your mailbox could just take it, its right there on the side of the street. Come on stop complaining just for the sake of complaining…

  • Kurt Heubusch

    that was publisher clearing house mail. bulk, which customer sends back. could’ve shoved it in the box, that would’ve not even produced this clip. obviously no one wanted it anyway, `cause there it is!!!

  • LC17

    That’s pretty lazy. Should have been taken to the house or left notice of attempt.


    How does he know it was from the USPS? Seriously I have seen FED-EX and UPS place packages just like this on the posts!! Plus the man himself could have left that package there to bitch about the PO!

  • http://tinyurl.com/SimbasPridePet Kiara Cunningham

    He has a right to be mad

  • uncle bob

    It is endorsed “CARRIER LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE” that means leave it there.

  • Miguel

    True, but if it doesn’t fit in the mailbox, you are supposed to deliver it to the door.

  • jorgejeff

    everyone thinks there special. your not. people think mailman has 2 blocks to deliver and has all day. u ordered it, here it is. get a bigger box. looks like a really busy street.

  • Wayne

    The same could happen to the mail in your box too. It’s just like having a lock on your door, they only keep honest people out!

  • Beleg

    My cluster box has one large universal box for parcels. A key to that large box is left in my regular locked mail box for a one time use to access the large box to retrieve my parcel. Ask your PO for a locking cluster box for you and your neighbors. You may not win friends in the neighborhood but your mail will be more secure.

  • paul

    How are you able to read the endorsement from the video?

  • Tony

    Damn crybaby! Stop ordering crap and take the family out for Pizza instead!

  • Thomas M

    The “World’s Greatest Postal Service” has rules, standards, and seemingly infinite political concerns which govern How their employees Deliver your mail. Looks to me that the package in question is a Parcel Rate — meaning cheapest, uninsured, and deemed low risk by its shipper. Complain to that entity, not your local Post Office. There is a larger picture/issue which seemingly always escapes the casual thinkers. The only ones out to get you are criminals in your neighborhood, unscrupulous on-line businesses, and other exploiters seeking an unfair advantage! Postal employees do honest work for theirs.

  • Derrick the deliverer

    Looks like a Publishers Clearing House package, Standard Mail. No to low value, except for losers who order junk.

  • Katherine

    No it says “if no response” which means you take it to the door if they are not home leave it at the door not out at the street. I got a bigger box so my carrier can usually fit everything in it. If not they leave it on my porch not at the street.

  • Katherine

    This is a curbside mail box they will not put a parcel locker for that type of delivery. He should put up a large enough box to accommodate the type of mail he is receiving. The carrier should have left it at his door if it did not fit in the box. That does look like it would fit unless he has a weeks worth of mail still in his box that he hasn’t pulled out.

  • cathyandmike

    Anyone who wants your mail can steal it from your unlocked box too. The carrier probably didn’t want to cram the package in your mailbox, even though it looks as if it would fit, because they didn’t want to damage the contents. Everyone wants to be a video queen.

  • KSwiss

    I don’t know if your area in Spokane is rural or city delivery but I think both crafts don’t allow leaving mail outside of the mail box. I imagine if a supervisor was there it would be in the box or on the porch, unless there were safety concerns. I used to defend carriers who generally are hard working, well-paid employees who try to do their job the best they can. Some times management hassles them about the time they take and they will buckle because they won’t stand up to them. The folks trying to excuse not correctly delivering due to the “class” of the parcel demonstrate what kind of employee they are…

  • tesmith47

    the package was NOT out in the road, it was besides your rural mail box!!!
    the carrier was trying not to crush the package by stuffing it into the box.
    looks like you are looking for a reason to bad mouth the postal service, and i bet you hate the government and unions too!!!

  • tesmith47

    yeah, but these rural homes often 5 miles from the damn box!!!!

  • jonnyohio

    I would have crammed it in his box. Looks like it would fit…not really, I’m kidding.

  • The Realist

    Just got a package today, just like that one but STUFFED into my mailbox, crushing the contents.