Video: Mailman Parks In Handicap Spot

A Vietnam vet hurt his leg in a helicopter crash while in combat. The injury has stayed with him decades later, and qualifies him for handicapped parking.

Wednesday, Bobby Crees was trying to get to a chiropractor appointment. When he got to the strip mall at Stetson Hills and Powers in Colorado Springs, someone had already taken the handicap parking spot. But it wasn’t a person who needed it–it was a postal worker picking up mail at The UPS Store.

Crees said he tried to talk to the driver, who blew him off.

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  • paul

    Yes, it really is. The handicapped parking are marked for a reason, the driver had no business parking there

  • Michael Klein

    Surprisingly the Postal Service is exempt from being fined, from Bloomberg Press: The City of East Cleveland tried to collect some $700 in traffic fines from Uncle Sam last year, only to get a letter from a Postal Service lawyer reminding the municipality that the organization has “federal immunity from state and local regulation.”

  • Tony

    Wow! No wonder we lost the Vietnam war! What a crybaby! Suck it up and wait a few minutes for the carrier to pick up the packages…it’s not like he went into Burger King and had lunch!

  • Sick and tired!!!

    Ironically, it WAS business that had him parked there. It is a necessity to park close to the business to unload to the business, people only complaine because it’s the government. If it were a UPS truck, no one would care! I see UPS trucks parked in fire lanes unloading to business all the time, where are those videos?

  • MrPolarBear

    Please note…..the carrier was delivering to the UPS store. The UPS store rents out PO Boxes. The mail comes to the Postal Service and then is delivered to the UPS Store where they put it into their rented boxes. I personally deliver to two UPS stores. They get TUBS of mail. Neither of the two that I deliver to has a parking space for deliver trucks. They should. I also park in the Handicap space to make the delivery. Only advantage I have is…..are you ready…… I am also Handicapped. I even place my placard in my Postal Truck window. I still have people complaining. Even with my handicapped placard. Some people will make a big deal out of nothing. It takes less than 10 minutes to make the delivery. Perhaps the person complaining should learn to be just a little more patient.

  • paul

    Gee, sick and tired, here is your chance to be famous. If you see UPS trucks parked in fire lanes “all the time” why don’t you take a video and upload it to You Tube and alert the local media.

  • paul

    Yes, the postal service is exempt from being fined but the employee operating the vehicle is not. If I remember correctly the city of East Cleveland did end up collecting from the driver who is NOT the “Postal Service” but a private citizen who just happened to be employed by the Postal Service. I had the same issue when having an order of protection issued against a fellow employee who threatened me with physical harm and he did it on my voice mail so I had a recording of it. Postal legal type tried the same the Postal Service is exempt…… but in the end the employee is not the Postal Service, but a private citizen employed by the Postal Service, the law does in fact apply to him.

  • Melanie Goulds

    If this whiny butt man worked for the usps and had to carry the heavy loads we carry he would try to get as close as he could. We wear and tear on our bodys everyday and no one cares he was just being selfish and thinking about himself only. Patience is a virtue he could have waited 5 minutes so uncalled for.

  • DeadmanWalking

    By the time your done complaining the carrier will be gone, you also complain about what a stamp costs!

  • Sick and tired!!!

    Because I don’t care!

  • paul

    So you care enough to loudly complain on this forum but not enough to actually do anything.

  • retired too

    He apparently made it to his appointment just fine. His wife couldn’t have dropped him off by the door? What exactly should the postal person have done that would have been practical? They are on a schedule. I’m sure he’d rather not park there but what are you going to do?

  • 007jayc

    we are told to park where we need to so we can deliver the mail or pick it up from businesses. I’ve had to park in a no parking in front of a grocery store to pick up from the UPS store. this seems to be the case everywhere but we always have someone complain because we are doing are jobs they way we have to. so who would he have complained about if another handicapped was parked there instead of the USPS.

  • bigtime

    are you people for real ? dont park in a handicap spot and dont try to justify parking there . walk the extra 50 feet if it comes down to that . be lucky you dont need them spots .

  • Sick and tired!!!


  • Ironside

    I agree that the mailman was in the wrong parking in the handicap spot. However- if the gentleman’s wife drove him to the appointment, SHE shouldn’t have parked there either. (Unless, of course, she is also handicapped, or he needed her assistance to walk into the bulding).

    If the driver is able-bodied, he or she should drop the handicapped passenger at the door, and park in a normal space.