USPS Expanded Package Pickup Options effective September 7

From the US Postal Service:

You pick the product. We’ll pick up the package.

10419478_10152574329334758_2066596656333355599_nThe Postal Service on Sept. 7, 2014, will expand the range of products eligible for free Package Pickup, which enables customers to request that USPS carriers pick up shipments during regular delivery when the request is made by 2 a.m. CT.

Previously limited to expedited packages, options for free Package Pickup will include First-Class Package Service, First-Class Mail Parcels, First-Class Package Returns and ground products (such as Library Mail, Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter Parcels), as well as any package paid for using the Electronic Verification System or through Click-N-Ship Business Pro, the manifesting tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Customers can, of course, continue to request pickup of Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International and First-Class Package International Service. USPS will also continue to pick up Merchandise Return Service, Parcel Return Service and USPS Return Services items.

If you have questions about these changes, please send an email to

  • Justin Case

    This will slow down the Click N Ship customers that bring in all their packages to the Post Office, only to have them scanned in to prove to their customers that the items were shipped. This takes time for the retail clerks, who get no monetary credit for this time consuming task, and the customer gets a largely reduced rate of postage, only because they printed their own label, but still expect this extra service from the clerk. Now, the carrier will have to do more scanning of these packages. Customers get large discounts, why do they get full service, also??

  • paul

    Gee, I pick up click n ships all the time on the street and scan them as “pre-paid” acceptance, and I don’t get any extra street time credited to my route. If we want the business we have to keep the customer happy.

  • TeflonPalin

    Hope there comes a time when patrons are required to notify USPS that they have a package to pick up. Too many times I walk up onto a porch to see a couple of large boxes to go out. I’ve already driven past your house and now I’m parked two blocks away. Already on OT, now I have to double back around and these up. Hey, I get paid regardless but I wonder how much we lose just because patrons don’t have to notify us.

  • THOMPSON6135

    I just got paid

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  • marty

    usps should dump the door to door pick up anyway the cost of fuel and transport has got to be a great burden
    central location drop off and pick up points, boxes to pick your mail and drop off you could have banks of 50 boxes every mile more in larger cities next to bus stops for convenience
    the carriers go to each location rather than going door to door
    I personally use the boxes at the post office I find it safe and secure and saves on man power helping the ailing company the best I can

  • paul

    Thompson 6135
    If you are making so much money why are you sharing this with the little people? Also, please consider using some of your great wealth to hire someone to teach you how to spell and use proper english grammar. Idiot, please just go away

  • Bulk Tech

    Scanning packages is what customers want, but when Delivery Confirmation started, it was not to be a tracking system, but a notification of delivery. Customers demanded more than what they were paying for, and the Post Office buckled, hense we are now scanning everything. Delivery Confirmation turned into Tracking, which is free for some items, and there is a charge for other items. When customers do print their own labels, they get a discount in postage, which is supposed to be the trade off for not taking postal employee’s time, along the same reasoning that presorted and bulk mail gets a discount, because some work is done ahead of when the Post Office gets the mail. For us to have to scan each piece as accepted is just for the customer to be able to prove he mailed it, and they still get the discount, though a postal employee now takes time to accept it. This is not much different than accepting bulk and presort mail, which has been given a discount for being presorted, then having postal managers have this mail dumped into the “hopper” and resorted, with First Class mail…this should negate any presorting discount, yet managers do this just to generate numbers. Another biggie is those who print their own postage, claiming a “Consumer based Discount” or “Consumer Plus” discount, for only mailing one item. They are not mailing in bulk, yet save a few bucks per piece, thanks to this unpoliced giveaway.

  • cavr

    Shud the fack up you stupid bloke!

  • Nick Danger

    A better idea would be to get rid of all the area and district offices.

  • marty

    thanks mucho my friend from over the pond

  • marty

    well they need to do something before the independents take over

  • AmericanPostMaster

    Did you know the Postal Service would not be “ailing” if congress didn’t tax the USPS 5.5 billion every year since 2006? As a matter of fact….this year, the Postal Service would have made 2.2 billion dollars in profit if it wasn’t for this tax. What you might not know is the USPS is a non profit organization. If it makes a profit, it goes into the governments general fund. If it loses money, it borrows from a line of credit from the government and pays it back the following year….with interest! What happen was in 2006, congress decided it couldn’t wait until the end of the year for the profit. So they came up with an idea . They told the USPS they thought they would be hiring thousand and thousands of employess in the next 75 years, so Congress in their wisdom wants the post office to prefund all of these new employees retirement and medical benefits. These people aren’t even born yet. How many companies in the world are required to have even one employees medical and retirement benefits prefunded before they work a single day?

    No body ! Before 2006, The Postal Service had profits in the millions. Never had it made a Billion dollars in profits. So why does Congress think it can survive with a 5.5 billion dollar mandate? Well, they don’t. You see certain members in Congress would become Billionaires if the Postal Service went private. Their stocks in business that would prosper if the service was privatized would boom. And….some members of congress would get hefty kickbacks when postal properties, land and buildings would be sold. So Congress has forced the Postal Service to over work the employees by not hiring people and combining routes. This is causing poor service due to the over burden jobs. Oh and by the way….the postal service has already put 50 billion dollars into this fund that Congress had spent. It’s gone ! So much for future medical and retirement benefits. They even found out the current retirement funds for existing workers was over paid by 4 million. So they took that too………..and don’t think privatizing the Postal Service is the answer. Every country that has privatized their postal service has had increases far above what their government said would be cheaper. Take Canada for example. They privatized in 1979. At that time, you could mail a letter from USA to Canada at the same rate. It now costs 1 dollar to mail a one ounce letter in Canada with their private postal service. In the USA is 49 cents for a two ounce letter. Thats twice the weight for half the price. So much for privatizing the Postal Service expecting to save money. If congress would cancel the 2006 Postal Bill, our current Postal Service would be find. Still be able to go to door to door delivery, which by the way is something I believe every American should have the government do for them. It’s a right of the People. The Postal Service is written in our constitution. If we can’t even have our mail delivered to our homes, what use is the government?

  • marty

    wow I think your going postal

  • NothingSound


  • NothingSound

    A 2 ounce letter is not 49 cents. It is 70 cents.

  • Davison

    You must be a postmaster in your dreams or a postmaster wannabe PMR in a 2 hour a day office. Your story is full of holes, better do your research a bit better…and since when does 49 cents carry a 2 ounce letter??

  • postalnews

    Canada Post is a crown corporation, entirely owned by the Canadian federal government. It is not a “private postal service”.

  • waraji

    Because he has knowledge that you didn’t? Looks like your “jerk” tendency is flaring up.

  • Marty

    most call me worse than that so thanks for the pleasantry’s sir waraji


    His story is accurate, YOU are the moron here