Video: USPS addresses mail mystery in Arlington VA neighborhood

ARLINGTON, Va. WJLA – Some Arlington residents say they’re having some serious mail problems: getting mail late, in some cases, getting pieces of mail that should have been delivered months ago.

Talk to residents in the Douglas Park neighborhood, and they’ll tell you about a missing mail mystery that has them mostly mad.

“I had two bills, one from February and one from March, delivered in August,” said Todd Post.

“I had a birthday card that my sister mailed from New Jersey on Feb. 4. It didn’t get here until March 10,” said Marianne Petrino.

The postal problems are perplexing. Some residents, like Carol Freysinger, have been receiving their neighbors’ mail.

“At least once a week, somebody’s complaining about ‘I got someone else’s mail, I’m missing a package,’” Post said. “It just seems to be pervasive throughout the neighborhood.

Freysinger doesn’t know where her packages are going.

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