Video: Frustrated for years by mail carrier, woman posts video to Facebook and gets results

Update- lots more comments on the original video on our Facebook page

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland woman says she was sick of trying to explain to people what she went through every day with her mailman, so she decided to record it.

We’ve seen the videos, people who are supposed to be making special deliveries tossing precious cargo, or even urinating on the driveway. Susan Howard Perry said she saw something similar all the time from her window – with her mailman. Knowing she had an expensive book on its way, she decided to record the drop off.

“I thought – I’m gonna see what he does with this book – and sure enough, that’s how the video happened,” she explained.

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  • Twinswon1

    Can’t this customer just alleviate her aggravation with the USPS and put a larger mailbox up? If she afford to get all dolled up for the news crew for her two minutes of fame, she can buy a larger receptacle for her mail deliveries and parcels. Duh.

  • guest

    She has a larger mail box. Maybe not the BIGGEST but it is not the smallest.

  • Richard

    Anyone one notice the big roteweiler, maybe that’s why he won’t go to the door

  • jonnyohio

    Yeah I can’t help but wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye. Even the old guys at our office don’t care about walking a package up to a house.

  • tsumani

    Mailbox should be bigger. Carrier was an idiot dropping it to the ground. But let’s get serious…we all toss parcels into the back of the LLV when we load. Some are tossed further then this one was dropped.

  • Will T Conqueror

    She admits complaining about notices left when she is home, but I bet the carrier can’t go to the door with that big dog guarding the house. The carriers problem may be that she complains he leaves a notice, but conversely, he can’t approach the front door. People do not control their dogs. And what was this expensive book that wasn’t insured? Too many red flags with her story. Still the carrier should have known better.