USPS delivering groceries for Amazon in San Francisco

From the Wall Street Journal: Inc. and the U.S. Postal Service, already partners in Sunday deliveries, have launched a trial to shuttle insulated containers of meat, dairy, produce, and other groceries to San Francisco customers’ doorsteps. The test could presage a broader national rollout, giving Amazon’s grocery drop-off service a much wider reach.

If successful, the two-month test could provide a boost to the Postal Service, which has aggressively chased a bigger piece of the e-commerce pie as the Internet chips away at other parts of its business. Its package business is up 20% over the past five years to 3.7 billion packages.

A spokeswoman said the USPS is making the drop-offs between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.; few of its trucks are in use at those hours. Because Amazon uses insulated tote bags for perishable groceries, the agency can make deliveries without the benefit of refrigerated trucks.

Amazon has been leaning on the Postal Service for more of its regular deliveries, dropping off packages at local post offices for letter carriers to deliver to the door. The USPS also has an exclusive contract with Amazon for Sunday shipping in about two dozen U.S. cities, a service expected to expand to new markets in the coming months.

The 60-day grocery-delivery test started in early August, according to the Postal Service, and is limited to the San Francisco area.

Read more: U.S. Mail Delivers Amazon Groceries in San Francisco – WSJ.

  • SaneOne

    Why is the Postal Service in the business to help another business make money…… that what they were created to do? Don’t think so……WOW!

  • Timothy Turnstone

    One of these company’s will make a profit off of the other company’s loss.

  • marc zazeela

    Partnerships create opportunities where both of them make money. That’s a good thing.

  • zmonster

    That’s all good if the Post Office is making a profit on the partnership. Postal Management often confuses ‘revenue’ with ‘profit.’ If you spend 2 bucks to entice 1 buck to walk in the door, what, if anything, has been accomplished?

  • marc zazeela

    I agree that revenue should not be confused with profit. Do we know that to be the case in this situation?

  • BobW

    Are the CCA’s going to ring your doorbell at 3AM so you know the perishables you were too damn lazy to get on your own has arrived??

  • common sense

    Ouch! Boy, ya really stung me with that one!

    No, actually, I thought I made it clear in my comment that I’m kind of an old timer. I guess I was too subtle. I also apologize for assuming that you might be open to a discussion about the issue.

    OK, let’s hear your next incredibly clever and totally irrelevant zinger!!!!

  • Melody Gannaway

    I just have a bad feeling that we will lose money on this. The amount of employees that we will utilize on a Sunday for Amazon food and other Amazon stuff seems will cost the USPS more then it will make off this.

  • connie

    my grandfather owned the milk dairy in my hometown for many years and delivered milk to peoples doorsteps…oh the good old day

  • connie

    I am so sick of junk mail that’s all I get in the mail. what a waste of gas, and trees.

  • common sense

    So don’t get it- no one forces you to receive “junk” mail. Just remove your mail box! Problem solved!

    You’re welcome!