Video: Tennessee Mail Carrier Falls out of Truck, Truck Hits House

Hixson TN: A mail carrier is recovering after falling out of her mail truck while delivering a package Wednesday afternoon.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department says the woman was trying to put a package in a box. She had to unlatch her seat belt as she leaned out. She then fell out of the truck.

Driverless, the truck rolled down a hill and hit a house, causing damage to the garage. No one was hurt.

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  • joe stutzman

    deep doo for carrier if u undo the seat belt u r supposed to put vehicle in park, set brake, and turn vehicle off. she will probably be shot at dawn.

  • Toejam

    Well, that carrier is done. Rule is just like Joe S. said. No excuses………..unless she is a management roadie groupie…………..