Video: Colorado couple’s birthday gift is stuck in endless USPS loop for over a month

AURORA, Colo. – When Mary Jane Tardif mailed a birthday gift to her daughter on July 15, she thought it would only take a few days to get to its intended destination in Lafayette California.

She’s still waiting for it to get there.

The Aurora woman told 7NEWS that when she went to the U.S. Postal Service’s website to track the package she saw that it was bouncing back and forth between postal facilities in Colorado and California.

She complained to postal authorities, who told her they’d call back.

“They didn’t call me back that day,” she said. “They didn’t call me back the next day.”

Tardif’s husband, Al, called customer service and was given a claim number.

“We were assured they could track it,” Tardif said. “They asked if I minded if it came back to me. I said, ‘I don’t mind.'”

The package came back to Denver, but never made it back to the Tardif’s home.

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  • APPS Operator

    I will guarantee you that the box the present was in wasn’t a nice, clean, pretty Postal provided Priority box. The sorting equipment reads every number and letter on a box and tries to figure out the address, since packages are not as organized as letters when it comes to WHERE the information is. I’ve seen them sort to the serial number of the type of box, the return address, use the street number as the zip code, etc.. Add to that the fact that they can read ANY and ALL barcodes on a box and it’s a wonder that any of them make it to the actual destination.

  • Steve Paradise

    The problem is that with “loop mail” is that it has to be hand sorted. Most of the time it goes back to a sorting machine to be sorted. When I worked in a small AO some time ago, I remember back stamping a flat a least seven or eight times before it went to the right place. At least we think it did?!?

  • TeaBagJim

    ONE WORD A U T O M A T I O N……………………

  • Nemso

    I had a similar problem with a certified letter I mailed. It finally got to the recipient 2 weeks after I mailed it and it was never scanned delivered! Postal authorities largely did not call me about it.