Video: That E-mail’s Not From The Post Office

U.S. Postal Inspectors have an important warning for you. Do NOT open any email claiming to be from the US Postal service. The email may contain a dangerous computer virus.

U.S. Postal Inspector Tammy Mayle said, “Postal customers were receiving an email that says they had a package ready for pick up at the postal office.” The email looked official. It had the U.S. Postal Service logo and contained a note saying: “Our courier couldn’t make the delivery of parcel today.”

It asked customers to click on a link. But Mayle said if you click, “Malware could be installed on your computer and they could see all personal information on your computer and gain access to anything you had on your computer.”

The Postal Service says it doesn’t use email to notify customers about a package delivery. Mayle said, “Customers would receive notification via postcard that they needed to pick up a parcel or it would be posted on the door.”

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  • Nancy

    Man, this is old news. This has been gong on for years.