Video: Detroit couple believes letter carrier won’t deliver because they’re gay

DETROIT (WJBK) – Prevost Street in Detroit is usually a dumping ground for trash, stripped cars and tossed tires has now been cleaned.

James Lawson and his husband Theodore Washington say the mayor’s office has been helpful in removing more than 40 loads of trash, putting up new street lights and cleaning the streets.

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But the two say, despite their efforts to clean up the city they love, their mail carrier refuses to deliver to their residence because they have the only house on the street. They say they haven’t received mail in three weeks after they received a notice their mail was suspended permanently.

Not receiving the mail is dangerous for Lawson because he has cancer and is not always getting his medication and is beginning to miss doctor appointments.

They say when their street was covered in garbage they still received their mail, and say that the mail still gets delivered everywhere but their home.

The couple says when they called the post office they were asked “to move.”

The couple says the moment their mail carrier discovered they were gay, the mail stopped coming. They say the mail carrier has also made derogatory comments to their neighbors.

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  • Tn Rural Carrier

    It’s blamed on the carrier, but most likely it was some of the higher ups who found out there was only one delivery on the road and forced the carrier to stop carrying up there to save the post office money in mileage and time. Carriers can not just stop delivering to an address or street without approval from higher ups. Carriers always get the blame when the higher ups make a bad customer service decisions to save money.

  • Katherine Goode Denman

    If they are the only house on the street then how can they be saying derogatory remarks to their neighbors? It’s not up to the carrier to decide to stop delivering mail permanently.

  • Robert Meegan

    Every carrier delivers to gay people! I had a route once where five patrons subscribed to playgirl, only one was a female. Gay people live on almost every street in America. Must be more to this story.

  • RandyF

    C’mon, we are a nation of victims. Take your pick, because we’re gay, because I’m Asian, because I’m Black, because I’m 50. Geez, it’s always got to be some other evil and not, in any way, anything of our own ciscumstances.

    I agree, there has to be more to this story. There is absolutely another side to it at least.

  • earl

    If you are the only house on the street, how do you have any neighbors? If you were refused delivery, Do you have anything in writing to prove this? Where do these neighbors that comments were made to live? Why was your mail suspended permanently? Did the USPS give you a chance to fix some sort of problem prior to suspending delivery permanently?

  • Freeman

    I love how straight people just can’t believe that there exists anti-gay prejudice and discrimination – mainly because it doesn’t happen to them. Now, we have the pious “Christians” refusing to serve the gays because it goes against their religion.

  • Voice of reason

    File a congressional!

  • the Jug

    Christian love means love other christians and ostracize those that do not live by your standards. Hypocrits.

  • retired too

    Care to say how your post is at all relevant to the story? No mention at all of Christians, The men in the video imparted the only inference of bias based upon questionable here say. You know sometimes it’s just you.

  • retired too

    Care to show where the story had any mention of Christians? The bias shown was by the two men in the story without fact.