Video: Two female letter carriers attacked while on the job in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Attacked while on the job: A female postal carrier had to fight off a masked man in Milwaukee on Monday, August 25th — and it’s not the only incident being investigated.

Monday’s attack happened on the city’s north side. This, following a similar attack on August 11th.

“We don’t need that around here. We don’t,” Deshun Belser said.

Belser lives in the neighborhood where Monday’s attack happened — a neighborhood where children play.

The mail carrier, out on her route, was attacked from behind.

Belser says he gave police a description of a suspicious man he saw wandering the neighborhood earlier Monday morning.

“He had his hood over his head so nobody could see him and he had on all gray, so he was walking with his head down,” Belser said.

The postal carrier says the attack happened near West Courtland and North 77th Street. She says she wasn’t able to get a good look at the attacker because the person was wearing a hood, a mask and black gloves.

“Came up behind her, grabbed her. She screamed and at that point, he ran off,” Postal Inspector Brian Haraway said.

Haraway says this kind of attack is rare, but he says his department is investigating a similar assault from August 11th.

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