NALC COLAs due Sept 26 total $1,227 a year

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

COLAs total $1,227 annually

NALC-LOGOFollowing the Aug. 19 release of the July Consumer Price Index (CPI), the fourth cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for letter carriers under the 2011-2016 National Agreement is $686 annually.

This COLA was based on the increase in the CPI between January 2014 and July 2014. It amounts to 33 cents per hour. Under the terms of the 2011-2016 agreement, payment of this fourth cost-of-living adjustment will take effect in Pay Period 20 (pay date Sept. 26), the same pay period that the deferred second contract COLA will take effect.

The second cost-of-living adjustment for letter carriers under the 2011-2016 National Agreement was $541 annually. This second cost-of-living adjustment was based on the increase in the Consumer Price Index between January 2013 and July 2013. Combined, the two COLAs equal $1,227. This increase will be added to the salaries of all steps in Table 1 and Step O of Table 2, with proportionate application of the COLA to Steps A-N of Table 2.

Read more: NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • freecountry

    Where’s all the union hater comments now?!?!!?

  • matt

    My thoughts exactly!!!! Wonder if all the non dues payers are going to turn it down!!!!! I don’t think so!!! Lol

  • david

    the union didn’t get us the cola!!

  • matt

    Colas have alway been negotiated into the contracts by the union! The arbitrator chose the leave them in the current contract based on the arguments made by the arbitration team put together by the UNION!


    Screw the union!!! How much will dues go up now??

  • Clem

    But Das the arbitrator chose not to fully restore COLA’s and no pay raises in the contract, The NALC will need to find a fair arbitrator for the next contract.

  • common sense

    I love scab logic- if the union saves your job, it’s only doing it for the dues. If the union gets you a raise, it’s only doing it for the dues. Of course, if you lose your job, or you don’t get a raise, that’s the unions fault too! And this from people who freeload, and don’t actually pay any dues??

    But the real mystery is, why do these guys insist on working for the USPS, and having their wages and benefits negotiated for them by the union they hate (and don’t pay for)?? Wouldn’t you guys be much better off going to say, FedEx, or maybe WalMart, and negotiating your own compensation package and working conditions? Funny how that never seems to occur to you…

  • freecountry

    Then how did it we get it then?? Cause Donahoe loves us?!?!???!?

  • Piece of work

    Your a piece of work! I’m glad I don’t have to listen to your BS every day. I feel sorry for the people that have to work with you!! Your always on hear calling people scabs and what not and you don’t know any of them!

  • Greenpants

    There are seven colas and three raises in this contract

  • matt

    There are pay raises in this contract. Colas were deferred one year but still payed out of the same cpi. Watch your check for your pay raise in November!!!! Some people need to read before they comment!!!! Know your sh!t!!!

  • common sense

    You poor sensitive little thing! I had no idea your feelings were so easily bruised! I’ll keep that in mind!

    Scabs don’t like it when people call them what they are. Scabs don’t like it when people respond to their scab comments. If you don’t want to see my comments, then you and the rest of your scab friends should just crawl back into your holes.

    I’m not sure why scabs are allowed to post here anyway- none of this is really any of your business.

  • Thor

    If only it were legal for union members only to get the pay and benefits negotiated by the unions, leaving the scabs (Yes, I said SCABS) to fend for themselves, and accept the wonderful deal that Donahoe and the like would offer them. The non-members would probably get worse pay than the CCAs. As far as dues go, as long as your raise is larger than your dues increase, you are still making more money.

  • Nick Danger

    Where is No More Dues comment? I guess he likes the raise

  • Toejam

    For YOU………$38.62 per PP. Now, go play with your “joke”.

  • Retired carrier

    Nicely said Matt. You scabs sicken me. Big mail lobbies congress daily to cut cut cut your pay and benefits. Without the union you would all be cca’s. The notion that good workers will be recognized and compensated accordingly is rediculous .

  • freecountry

    That’s you’re……

  • Clem

    Pay raise over the life of the contract +3.5%,+ increase of employees contribution of 4% for health care= NO PAY RAISE! that’s a fact!

  • matt

    Hey stupid!!! Health insurance is a choice you don’t have to be part of the fehb!!! Your choice to stay in your health plan. You could go on tour wife or go buy your own in the open market!!!! 3.5% increase in your wages over the term of the contract! FACT!!!!!

  • matt

    Now that you have chosen to stay in the fehb because it’s cheaper then the market make sure you thank the union for that and start paying dues!!!

  • common sense

    Dumb scabs really shouldn’t try to use numbers. How does that equal “NO PAY RAISE!”?

    If you make 50K a year, a 3.5% pay raise equals $1,925 added to your income. If you pay $400 a month for one of the pricier insurance plans, a 4% increase equals $16 a month, or $192 a year.

    +$1,925-$192= A PAY RAISE! of $1,733!

    Back to your hole, scab.

  • stellar steve LSSA

    Do you use real numbers, much, Clem? If your health care cost was the same as your pay rate, you would be right in your claim. But, the FACT is your health care is much less than your pay, so your numbers are not worth a crap. You would excell in postal management, however, with your poor math skills…maybe in finance??

  • Mailman030

    If your branch is at the minimum dues structure which is 2 hours per month of a Grade 1 Step D carrier, the increase will be $0.55 per pay period or $0.0007 per hour.

  • Mailman030

    There are 3 pay raises in the contract 1%, 1.5%, and 1%. As far as finding a fair arbitrator, neither side has the right to unilaterally choose. I’m sure if you could ask the PMG, he would say that Das was in the NALC’s pocket.

  • Mailman030

    You are confusing an increase in the wages by 3.5% and the increase in the employee share in the health insurance premium. A top step grade 1 carrier will see their annual pay increase approximately $2000 by the end of the contract while the total increase in their health contributions will increase by a total of approximately $600 over the same time period. These amounts are approximate because you don’t know the total increase in wages since the COLA amounts are not known and you cannot predict the change in the total health insurance premium. The bottom line is that the wage increase more than makes up for the increase in employee contribution to health premiums.

  • Clem

    Yeah but the arbitrator should have fully restored the COLA’s and pay increases for all years of the contract as has been standard practice in all past contact arbitration awards.And Downahole is lobbying hard for management to control health benefits and remove USPS employees (except management) from from FEHB.

  • Grayson

    These are the same type of people who will not work overtime because they will pay more taxes…DUHHH.