Buffalo NY carrier saves 6 year old boy from choking

From USPS News Link:

goodnewsBuffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Jeffrey Pawlak was on his route when he saw a boy choking and his mother calling for help. She said the boy, 6, had swallowed a marble. Pawlak performed the Heimlich maneuver, which dislodged the marble. After making sure mother and child were OK, Pawlak continued on his route.Fay Berg, Havana, IL

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  • Tony

    Great story! Great human being like most postal workers! Unfortunately, the Postal Service doesn’t or won’t toot it’s own horn enough to awaken the masses trying to destroy it! In my 34 years with this great organization our strength was always our people and we must never lose sight of that! Always hold your heads up high, no matter who is trying to dump on you!