Caught on camera: Postal worker throws package across driveway


Snow, rain, sleet or hail, you know the rest. But one mail carrier’s not-so-careful handling of a package was caught on camera and it has the man on the receiving end left with a box of damaged goods.

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In a five-second video clip captured from Martin Garret’s home security cameras in Sienna Plantation, you kind of get the feeling the mail carrier caught on camera is not having a very good day. She walks up to the edge of his yard and throws a package on his concrete driveway.

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  • Tony

    Not very bright!

  • cathyandmike

    Too many new employees are poorly trained. USPS needs to spend a little more time training and less time pushing these new people to run, run, run.

  • rula

    enough already….how are the packages being handled being dumped at the airport for transport ? I am sure they are thrown all around just in sorting from UPS to USPS.

  • Just judy

    You do the math. Parcels are up 20 per cent since the routes were adjusted. They have carriers how much additional time to complete their routes? Zero extra times equals thrown parcels. It’s called postal math. If something in that thrown parcel was broken it most likely didn’t happen there in the driveway. More likely in the sorting plant. Go there with a camera and see the parcels being thrown.

  • Marcus1956

    The Black woman is not even in uniform which indicates she is a Temp or not used on regular delivery. There is some Black corporate welfare at the Post Office.

  • fUD

    The hamper dumper in the plant raises the container and dumps the parcels 6 feet to the belt. 40 pounds of books lands on a piece of crystal glass. Guess what happens?

  • Paul Graveline

    All valid points. As an employee who has worked as a mail handler and clerk at a processing plant as a casual, as well as carrier as a career employee, I am thinking that the damage was likely incurred there or maybe even by Amazon’s handling. But I can almost guess what the employee is thinking bc even I am more on edge due to the unrealistic expectations placed upon carriers daily. As she walks up, it’s obvious the vehicle is parked in such a way that she can’t get through. Prob already dying from the heat (Texas) and the fact that she has to skip her lunch to make the magic numbers, she showed frustration and threw it. Small things really add up when you have the thumbscrews to you already. Put on that the fact she is new and trying to hold her job, while making $13 an hour less than a regular with zero benefits, and I would say you get what you pay for.

  • City Carrier

    Packages are thrown alot further than that during processing. News worthy? Not!