Video: Third party sites charge outrageous fees for address changes


Every year more than 40 million people move. Besides making sure your household items move to your new house, you also need to move your mail.

It’s a simple process, but there are pitfalls. Some consumers find out they’ve paid $20 or more for something that could have been free.

"You can do that change of address directly with the Postal Service for only $1 online or come into your local post office and submit it in person for free," said Frank Schissler, U.S. Postal Inspector.

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  • Toejam

    If a person is too stupid to either know that the USPS does a change of address for free, or at the most, a modest one dollar………then there is no hope for you. If you are too stupid to ASK someone about your address change needs, then PAY THE MONEY and STFU……

  • LDDC tech

    Amen to that. Stupid people should never complain when they get taken for money, due to their no ever reading the instructions or fine print. I always felt these people who used these non-postal COA sites should be more concerned of the fact that an unknown company now has their change of address information PLUS their credit card info…meanwhile, all they are concerned about is the fact they paid too much money.

    PS, this just shows that the PO could and should charge more, probably $5 for online AND manual form Change of Address processing. This would raise alot of revenue, eliminate the problems of some people constantly moving around, and still be the cheapest part of moving.

  • Stellar Steve, Window Tech

    GASP, the PO finally found out that private companies are doing this??? Next thing you know will be that the Post Office found out that private companies are renting private mail boxes to people for more than the PO charges, also. Also, that some private companies are charging people to directly forward their mail for more than the PO charges for their Premium Forwarding Service.

    PS, to battle the private mail box situation, postal management, in their infinite wisdom, has allowed UPS, FED EX and whoever else to deliver packages directly to a PO box address in certain offices for NO CHARGE! Wow, that will fix those other guys. To pay for this, all boxholders rent went up a dollar or two a year, not a fair and money making way to compensate for the loss of revenue from those free deliveries, is it? At least with our “Last mile of delivery” system, we could make a tiny bit of money on these packages from the private carriers.

  • Mr. Postman

    What the USPS needs to do is charge $20.00 for a COA. This video shows people are so used to paying “fees” everyplace else, they pay it. The market is there. L’Infant Plaza needs to take heed to this. 40 million COAs times 20 bucks = $800 million dollars.

    If they can get away with charging $25.00, that’s a BILLION DOLLARS in extra revenue every year!

    However… like everything else, L’Infant Plaza is more interested in cutting costs and service to the public instead of finding new ways to make money.