Did a Federal Employees Union Say “Obamacare Could ‘Hurt’ Members”? No.

The right wing “Weekly Standard” features a story headlined “Federal Employees Union Says Obamacare Could ‘Hurt’ Members”.

Yikes! Did they really say that?

Well, no.

The writer is referring to a item posted on the web site of the National Treasury Employees Union, which lists proposed legislation that could hurt its members. The Affordable Care Act, passed six years ago, is not one of them. NTEU members, like all Americans, are already covered by the ACA, or “Obamacare”. The ACA requires that they have health insurance. NTEU members, like postal workers and most other Americans, already have health insurance provided by their employer.

The bill the NTEU warns its members about is not Obamacare. It’s a bill that would eliminate federal workers’ employer provided health insurance. Golly- why on earth would they be upset about that?

Among the bills is H.R. 1780, sponsored by Michigan Republican Dave Camp. The NTEU says the bill could hurt workers because it would "require most federal employees to leave the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program…and instead join health plans established under the Affordable Care Act."

The Weekly Standard writer doesn’t explain why he finds this surprising, or even interesting. Maybe the Weekly Standard doesn’t provide health insurance for its employees, so it’s a simple case of envy? Until recently, it seemed that employer provided health insurance was the norm in this country. So why would Republicans want to eliminate that benefit for one group of workers?

Republicans would claim that it’s a matter of “fairness”. Camp’s spokesperson was quoted as saying “If the Obamacare exchanges are good enough for the hardworking Americans and small businesses the law claims to help, then they should be good enough for… federal employees”. (We apparently are not “hardworking”? Obamacare only applies to “hardworking” Americans?! Who knew??) If that’s the case, then why stop with federal workers? Why not force everyone to get their health insurance through “Obamacare”, and make employer provided health insurance illegal? Wouldn’t that be really fair? Well of course it would! (But can you imagine the reaction from, say, the employees at Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs?)

It obviously has nothing to do with “fairness”. So what’s the real reason? It’s pretty simple.

Republicans don’t like us.

It’s nothing personal- it’s just that they can’t stand having a bunch of people who get good pay and benefits, and who can actually look forward to a reasonably secure retirement, walking around in broad daylight. Especially since many of us belong to unions. We set a bad example for the rest of the workforce, who are increasingly expected to get by on poverty level wages and rely on charities for their health care needs, while the elitists who run the GOP (and to an increasing extent, the Democratic Party) take more and more of the country’s wealth for themselves, and don’t have to worry about being bankrupted by a health care emergency.

It’s the same attitude that gave us the proposal to single out federal workers for extra punishment if they cheat on their income tax. Nothing “fair” about that one either- just one more slap in the face for a group of people who, unlike members of Congress, and the fat cats who support them, actually work for a living.

So no, Weekly Standard, a federal union did NOT say that Obamacare could hurt its members. It said that cutting its members pay and benefits would hurt its members. Which is sort of obvious, isn’t it?

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  • sinatra

    “AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, THE POSTAL SERVICE AND ITS EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN UNDER ATTACK. For the last 3 decades, our enemies have mounted a relentless, never –ending assault on our wages, benefits
    and, indeed, our very existence. Our enemies are a ruthless, despicable lot who
    will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, which is the decimation,
    dismantling and privatization of the USPS. Their vision includes an army of
    low-paid workers with no benefits and no collective bargaining.

    Our enemies look at us and see the largest civilian union workforce in the country. And make no mistake, our enemies Hates union. They hate unions because we are the last
    obstacle that stands in their way of the ultimate goal, which is to end
    democracy and turn this country into an oligarchy; where the greedy rule and
    the masses work to serve their masters.

    You really have to be blind to not see what has been going on in this country for the last 30-40 years. Economic inequality didn’t just happen, it was engineered. Our enemies have a blueprint, a master plan for the total destruction of any semblance of a
    middle class. Their Media have poisoned the national discourse. Instead of
    blaming the real culprits, our enemies have us blaming the poor, the elderly,
    the unemployed and the unions. They did a fantastic job because they were even
    successful in pitting union members against each other (see scabs). People who should know
    better have bought into the wretched, maggot-infested mindset perpetrated by
    our enemies.

    The enemies of the Postal Service are the same group who hates organized labor. Their plan is to knock us off one at a time. Their plan is to finance and elect union-hating representatives who will pass legislation that will away and weaken the
    foundation of the labor movement (see turncoat democrat Sen. Carper(De.);
    co-author of the Carper-Coburn bill, Sen.Lieberman(Ct.); etc. )

    To counter this onslaught, the American worker must become politically active and vote for economic justice and not succumb to the hate and fear tactics our enemies use
    to divide us. What we do in November will determine the future of the middle

    PRES. ROLANDO is a paper tiger. PICKET( picket sign is not a lot of money) ; those who stand in our way.
    National doesn’t want to listen (see Brother Noble); they will reap the whirlwind. Active Retired Letter Carrier-NYC