Video: Priority package gets stuck in 40,000 mile endless loop (until TV reporter gets involved)


It’s a quirk in the system but it does happen every so often. A package got stuck for months in an endless cycle known as a mailing loop. It traveled in circles for 40,000 miles across the country and no one could stop it, until 7 On Your Side found a way.

San Francisco resident Laura Jacoby is amazed the little box she mailed months ago still looks like a box. "I really thought it would be quite round by now from rolling back and forth," Jacoby said.

The package just got back after flying back and forth across the country 14 times in three months and Jacoby is sure it set a record. "I calculated and it traveled about 40,000 miles," she said. That’s enough to go all the way around the earth, more than once. "One and two-thirds times I think," she said.

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  • Common Sense

    That is the net result of a lack of human touch any longer! And it is not just the Postal Service.

  • the mailhandler

    this rarely happens ! ha !

  • DeadLock

    Now I am facing same problem. My mail got struck in loop from past 10 days.