Texas letter carrier sues USPS for race and gender discrimination, retaliation

Kimberly L. Cox, a letter carrier at the Kilgore, Texas post office, has sued Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, alleging that she was discriminated against on the basis of race and gender.

Cox, who is white, claims that “on numerous occasions” in July and August 2012, she told the Postmaster, Joe McQuiston, that a black supervisor, Cynthia Freeman, was “creating a hostile work environment for the white female employees.”

Cox says McQuiston “took no prompt and remedial action”, and did not report the complaint or conduct an investigation. Cox says that on August 12, 2012, she suffered an injury while delivering her route. After being out for three days, she says she was told to report to work “where she was made to sit in a room for eight hours a day”.

Ten days after her injury, on her non-scheduled day, Cox attended an estate sale- she claims that the Postmaster “came to the estate sale to surreptitiously” watch her. He then reported her to the OIG for investigation. Cox says the OIG did not charge her with any misconduct.

Despite that, she says the Postmaster placed her on Emergency Leave the next day, and subsequently issued a notice of removal, which became effective on November 15, 2012.

The termination was reversed on appeal, and Cox was returned to work, where she says she was subjected to “continuing and ongoing hostile work environment” by the Postmaster and supervisor. She has filed an EEO complaint which is currently under review.

Cox seeks back pay and benefits for the time she was out of work, as well as unspecified damages.

  • Its a joke

    EEO doesn’t work for whites but possibly being female will help. I filed an EEO years ago against a spanish female postmaster and I had all the evidence. EEO refused to redpond .Postal mgt are mostly bullies

  • Sean Hannity

    Hey- let me go way out on a limb here and guess that you’re a white, anglo male? Am I right?

    Because obviously, you are among the most put upon groups in America, right?

    That is so amazing, especially when you realize that all these awful laws that discriminate against white anglo males were passed into law by white anglo males!!

    But seriously, thanks for taking some time out from listening to Rush to play our game!

  • Port Arthur mailman

    Point taken but seriously in my office there hasn’t been a white female or male that’s been hired in 6 years..we’re short handed and constantly hiring black males and females by our black male post master. .recently just promoted a cute black female that has had 2 workman comps and couldn’t carry mail…am I mad….not at all..I understand what he’s doing. ..but I see it daily here getting discriminated against. ..at some point you have 2 say enough is enough

  • Taboo subject

    Everyone sees it but its politically incorrect to talk about it. I wish the complaintent well

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    Not true.

  • David Duke

    Point taken, after all, no white postmaster has ever promoted a cute white female.

  • Anita

    You’re right- can you imagine how a white woman in Texas feels when she is bossed around by a negro girl? Thank you for standing up for us!

  • Freeman

    It’s very true. I worked in an office that was majority black, and the discrimination and hostility was constant and extremely obvious. Unfortunately, as you say, these sorts of complaints do not work if you are not a person of color. As evident by the hostile comments on here about white people not having the right to complain about discrimination – well, they speak for themselves don’t they.

  • Patriot

    You’re right. Negroes are the worst when it comes to discrimination. But you can’t say that, because they run everything.

  • John Marshall

    It’s sad, I wonder in the year 2100, will this type of conversation still be relevant or necessary?