Video: Louisville post office employee accused of hiding, throwing away mail

LOUISVILLE, Ky. WDRB — A Louisville teen hired by the U.S. Post Office to deliver mail is in trouble with the law after he allegedly hid it or threw it in the trash.

According to court documents, 19-year-old Malcolm Julian failed to properly deliver mail on his route between July 11, 2014 and July 14, 2014. Julian is also accused of discarding undelivered mail in two separate locations. Julian’s supervisors at the Post Office became aware of the issue after receiving reports of people finding undelivered mail from Julian’s route.

When confronted, he allegedly admitted to discarding some of the undelivered mail, keeping the rest at his residence.

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  • Tony

    Enough is enough! Stiffer fines and penalties for the guilty…I know it isn’t as easy as it used to be on the job, but 2 wrongs never made a right! Bring the damn mail back to the office if over whelmed and allow the. Over paid supervisor and PM figure it out…Never, ever, ever, ever throw mail out!

  • Paul Graveline

    19 years old= another CCA. High pressure, low wage, no benefits= no care.

  • jorge jefferson

    dead on. its now a average paying job to a cca. Low pay, no vacation, better not call out, sent to different stations, no benefits, now working sundays, so no days off. Losing a $15 is nothing, u can find a better job, thats what u get when u low ball people, and treat them like crap.