APWU: It’s Okay to Post Pat Donahoe “Wanted” Poster

From the American Postal Workers Union:

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Postal management may not prohibit or otherwise interfere with the display of the APWU’s Wanted poster on union bulletin boards, APWU attorneys report. The poster features a picture of Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe and accuses him of “crimes against the public Postal Service.” Displaying the poster is considered “protected union activity” under federal law.

Furthermore, the attorneys report, the National Labor Relations Act prohibits management from allowing or prohibiting the posting of material based on the views expressed.

Therefore, in addition to union bulletin boards, the USPS must allow employees to display the Wanted poster in non-work areas where management has permitted the presentation of other flyers or posters.

If management attempts to prohibit employees from posting the Wanted poster or instructs workers to remove it, please contact Rich Shelley at rshelley@apwu.org for guidance.