Video: Ripley’s contest again solicits weird objects by mail

The mail coming to Ripley Entertainment these days is just as weird as the company’s believe-it-or-not exhibits.

A raccoon skull, an unusual set of antlers, a pink hula hoop, a roll of dental floss, a bowl of cereal and a 5-foot-tall inflatable palm tree have recently arrived at Ripley’s headquarters in south Orlando — all without benefit of packaging.

Through Sept. 5, Ripley’s is running its second annual competition that asks the public to mail in unusual items in an unusual way: without envelopes, wrapping, boxes or bags.

"The stamp and the address have to be applied directly to the object," said Edward Meyer, Ripley’s vice president of exhibits and archives.Ripley’s Strange Mail Contest is a subjective competition judged by Meyer, who picks a weekly winner and will select an overall champion at the end of the 12-week event.

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