Video update: USPS suspends Ohio worker who dumped mail


The fallout continues from in a local postal service scandal that caught a worker tossing mail into a dumpster in Bond Hill.

The woman who threw away mail is suspended, USPS said in a statement. FOX19 also learned that she’s been with the postal service for less than 90 days.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

"There’s no telling how many people that work for the postal service that’s actually doing this," said Keisha Howard.

Read more: USPS suspends Bond Hill worker who dumped mail – Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV.

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    “There’s no telling how many people that work for the postal service that’s actually doing this,” said Keisha Howard.

    Might be every working postal person be doing this? There’s no telling!!!

  • Wiseman

    And no employee from UPS, FEDEX, AMAZON or any Department store has never violated the terms of their employment by stealing merchandise or worse! Unfortunately, ugly incidents carried out by individuals who simply possess a distorted understanding of the terms of their employment run loose. Once caught, they receive the maximum punishment allowable! Remember, with all the personnel cuts over the past several years, it was only a matter of time before these types of acts began to escalate. Thieves are every place!

  • Retired Mailman

    She is within her 90 day probationary period and has only been suspended!? She must have been performing extra duties where they don’t want to let her go.

  • chuck

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    And then there are ignorant idiots like you saying ignorant things like that!!! Just IGNORANT!!!!

  • Melody Gannaway

    Could have been in military!

  • Paul Graveline


  • MrPolarBearf

    People hate the Postal Service for many reasons. The man reason….it’s has Government ties. People hate the Government. As a person working for the Post Office for many years, Every person caught stealing mail….or throwing away mail, from Post Masters to Postal Inspectors….clerks, carriers, truck drivers, temp help. All have been fired and prosecuted for their crime. Every employee goes through background checking. Every. Too many people assume there isn’t through background checking. There is. I’ve seen people denied employment because they had a speeding ticket on their record. What is going on in the recent surge of not delivering mail and throwing away mail is the over working of CCA’s. A CCA (City Carrier Assistance) are newly hired employees. They are not carrier employees but can become one when a position becomes available. Now follow me on this….. Currently, the Postal Service is downsizing. When a manager retires, they take their position and split the duties among other managers. This makes more work on the other managers and slows down everything. What use to take days to accomplish often takes weeks. Some Managers are giving letters saying their job is going to be absorbed and are forced into other positions if there is one available. Reduction in management employees is in the works. When a clerk or carrier position becomes available, they try to absorb their position as well. Some offices have had many routes divided to other routes to get rid of a position. They claim mail volume has declined but what it really does is make routes longer than eight hours. Lets say you have a zone with twenty five routes. Five routes are absorbed by splitting them up to other routes. So you now have 15 routes that are over eight hours long. People go on vacation, have surgeries, are out sick……..So you are often down routes. These CCA’s are being over worked. In larger Stations, They work six days a week, nine to ten hours a day in the heat and rain with only Sunday for rest. Supervisors ride them constantly trying to get them to carry faster so they can carry more. It’s Postal Slavery. Then they write them up with letters of warnings for removal if they miss a scan or run late. This only encourages dumping mail in dumpsters to make it back in time so they still have a job. All of this….every bit of it is due to making the budget. A budget that can’t be obtained because the Postal Service is being taxed 5.5 billion dollars every year by congress. The Postal Service has never…..never made 5.5 billion dollars a year in profits, but Congress is forcing The Post Office to pay this tax in order to bankrupt the USPS so it would be Privatized. Privatizing the Postal Service would make many Congressmen very,,,very rich. So management rides all employees to do more with less and works to death the CCAs with a dangling carrot in front of them with the chance of a career job with benefits that just won’t be there. Threatens them with removal letters to get back sooner and causing the Postal Dumping.

  • retired too

    Sorry, nothing to joke about

  • texasmailman

    These CCA’s? They are getting what they are paying for and its not much. One of the worse decisions the usps has made and thats saying something.

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    ‘Respectable’ + ‘Mail Carrier’ is an oxymoron

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    Let me guess, Chuckie – didn’t finish high school?

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  • Al Moran

    yada yada yada, Listen crap rolls down hill, when pressure is placed on management what is their response, double the pressure on the craft employee ie; Carriers and Clerks. Do away with merit increases and bonuses for Management. One thing you fail to address management is non-productive, They produce nothing and in most cases they only produce grief. My suggestion to Management is get off the backs of the Craft Employee, they can either make you or break you. Try a new approach, work with them , listen to their input, they know the shortcuts, they will make you instead of you (management) trying to shove theory’s down their throat.

  • rural carrier

    In the last three months we have had five subs and four clerks quit. Most were new hires. They did not see the point in working ten hours on an overburdened route to come back to the office and carry part of another route. Yes, we have had mail going out as late as 4PM. Why are they quitting? Too much stress, too much demand, too little respect.

  • chuck

    nice name….looks like you didnt get into school at all!