Video: Village post office opens inside Kentucky liquor store

Vicco, Ky. WYMT– The eagle representing the United States Postal Service has landed at a Vicco liquor store.

“Post offices close kind of early in the day, actually so we’d be able to sell stamps,” said Sharon Taylor, manager at Kwik Six Liquor.In addition to stamps, the village post office also ships flat-rate boxes.

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  • Doris Maha

    Keep the Post Offices open and you won’t have that problem.

  • anderson12tim

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  • LloydStreetMarty

    In new England we call liquor stores packies, slang for Package Store.

  • Stellar Steve, Window Tech

    You know what will be happening here. Liquor, which is NON-mailable, will be shipped from this VPO, and the local District yahoos that set up this farce will say it is okay. Meanwhile, a retail clerk will get a letter of warning for failing to ask a little old lady if she is mailing anything hazardous in her letter.

  • Don Cheney

    The Postal Service Standards of Conduct, ELM 665.26, says “employees must not have or bring any container of beer, wine, or other intoxicating beverage into any Postal Service facility or premises, whether or not the container has been opened.” Is there an exception for postal contract facilities? Do FedEx and UPS do this?

  • LDDC tech

    That is a rule they used to keep contract stations out of establishments that offered “adult beverages”, but as usual, exeptions have been made or the rules were just plain ignored, so as to plow away and create more contract post offices and Village Post Offices….the PO is just rabid to eliminate existing post office retail jobs. Rules only apply when postal management is trying to discipline craft workers.

  • postalnews

    There are more comments on our Facebook page.

  • Monty Mail Handler

    And the processing centers will reek of alcohol from all the poorly packaged parcels from the broken bottles if the Postal Service accepts alcohol in the mail,which is already happening.

  • Really

    Now the Postal service is associating with liquor stores? The Liquor store in MD that wanted to be one of these were denied because they sold Liquor and didn’t have a separate location on sight.. (CPU) Lets all get drunk and dance..????? All the rules and regulations were written to be broken or interpreted by those you can not read..There goes the safety, privacy and sanctity of the mail. Its not Postal property until its retrieved by the USPS from my guess is New contract truck drivers. How many insured pieces of mail are going to go missing ( into the trunk of the Owner of the business or their employees) before it ever gets picked up… management already famous in our area for saying “File a claim”! Bankrupt the USPS further,while we fund roads and pay claims for these Claims for CPU/village Post offices theft? As real employees Failing wait time in line, to say the script ( anything liquid fragile perishable such as perfume or lithium batteries) and up selling everything, not being in full uniform smiling looking customer in the eye, saying please and thank you..We get written up.. Oh just put your liquor in the Liqueur box wrap it in paper they will never know…bahahahaha

  • Really

    How about giving a CPU/ Village post office to a marijuana dispensary, a Pawn shop, gun/ archery shop and a traveling food truck…lets just break all the rules governing the federal regulations of USPS MAIL.

  • PMG Pat Downahole

    Umm…Doris…have you noticed there is another RIF going on for postmasters and I’m selling them off everywhere? let the customers go to Staples and VPO’s!


    It is now in a gun and archery shop in a small town in Morgantown Kentucky. Look it up on our local newspaper and see it’s very interesting. They sell guns and ammo…….what a joke.