Video: Colorado Mailbox Thieves Costing Rate Payers Thousands

MESA COUNTY, Colo. – For the past few weeks, Mesa County law enforcement have had their hands full with a high amount of break-ins and vandalism on US Postal Service mailboxes.

The USPS reported 15 different incidents across the greater Grand Junction area of people attempting to pry open mail boxes to steal their contents. Some of the methods of getting into the mailbox even involved power tools like drills.

It’s unknown at this time if the suspects have been able to get away with any valuable mail, but law enforcement are urging the community to we watchful of their mailboxes.

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  • Beau

    The USPS is not supported by taxpayers, costs for replacement or repair of damaged postal equipment come out of the earnings from the sale of postal products and services.

  • Wise Tony

    Unfortunately, the more exposure Congress and the media are giving the Postal Service only entices scumbags to be scumbags! These are thieves plain and simple and when caught need to go to prison for a minimum of 5 years and a $ 250,000.00 fine! Furthermore, don’t be surprised if these stunts are being orchestrated by the right wing iced tea partiers who will stop at nothing to get their way! Wake up America, there are still too many of us who need the Postal Service and their ” A ” game.

  • postalnews

    The headline has been corrected to read “Rate Payers” instead of “Taxpayers”.