Video: Arkansas post office with 33 customers will remain open

SEDGWICK, AR (KAIT) – With just 33 customers, the United States Postal Service says changes must come to the Sedgwick Post Office.

There might be plenty of traffic that goes past the Sedgwick Post Office on Highway 63, but as for traffic volume inside, Sedgwick falls in line with many other small town post offices with not enough business.

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“This is where everybody gets their news for the town,” Sedgwick Mayor J Stanley Debow told Region 8 NewsNewsbow grew up in Sedgwick and says while there might not be a large volume of business going through, it’s a staple in the community and one of the few things left keeping the town viable.

“It’s all about gone. Post office is about the last business here in the city that I’m aware of,” Debow said.

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  • Lisa Demars

    Im a retired postal worker. All your mail gets picked up and taken to the nearest large city,a hub as we call it.You fight for your rights! PO has alot of new ,YOUNG, employees that need to learn the importance of mail. Someday theyll be old and alone waiting for a letter or something from their kids. Do away with the PO and it will never come.