North Dakota PMR admits stealing from post office

US-Department-Of-Justi_fmtA North Dakota relief Postmaster has admitted stealing over a thousand dollars from the Tappen, ND Post Office where she worked. In a plea agreement, Samanthe F. Mittleider admitted stealing money orders and using them to obtain cash. She also admitted that she had delayed reporting money order sales by up to 13 days “to allow her more time to use the money and to try to later cover the sales”. In addition, Mittleider admitted that she had lied on her USPS job application, failing to disclose that she had been fired from a previous job for theft.

Total financial losses for the USPS came to $1,152.76. Mittleider would be required to repay those funds if the judge approves the plea agreement.

  • Bob

    She will get a promotion for her actions. I know supervisor who did the same thing and all they did was move her and she is still a supervisor!

  • common sense

    And who is this supervisor? If she “did the same thing” (pleaded guilty to theft and lying), then it’s a public record- name names!

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Look for this type of thing to continue once the Postplan takes effect later this year.Experienced full time postmasters being replaced by low wage no experience required employees.This is the future of the USPS!!

  • rtsutf

    How’s she going to get a promotion? She’s a non=career PMR she cant even put in for career job openings under the current Postplan guidelines. Sounds like you don’t know your job descriptions!