USPS seeks RIF Czar

Looks like more RIFs in your future: the US Postal Service is looking for someone to coordinate reductions in force (RIFs) nationwide. A recent job posting advertises an opening at USPS Headquarters for an EAS-23 “RIF Administrator”. The job pays up to $104,281 annually:

Position Information

SALARY RANGE: 60,446.00 – 104,281.00 USD Annually

Persons Eligible to Apply

This position is posted Service-Wide. All career nonbargaining Postal employees are eligible to apply for this position.

Functional Purpose

Develops and implements policies and procedures governing the conduct of all reduction-in-force activities that take place within the Postal Service. Maintains and operates system to implement a RIF and identify employee placements.


1. Administers all reduction-in-forces. Coordinates and tracks placement of RIF impacted employees in accordance with established guidelines and policies.

2. Develops and implements procedures to integrate federal government RIF policies and Postal policies to effectively administer a reduction-in-force.

3. Reviews personnel processing, selection, job classification and other related human resources functions and systems to ensure that their operations are consistent with RIF policies and procedures. Identifies and troubleshoots discrepancies between RIF system and other source systems.

4. Develops requirements for automated systems that support RIF actions; ensures that existing automated systems operate consistently with RIF procedures.

5. Analyzes organizational changes to determine if they are RIF actions. Identifies impacted, closing competitive areas and competitive areas no longer in RIF for appropriate processing.

6. Imports and downloads critical data sets such as finance number, authorized staffing and employee data, in support of RIF administration.

7. Conducts quality checks to maintain data integrity. Identifies and troubleshoots data anomalies to ensure accurate, comprehensive data.

8. Generates lists of impacted and potentially impacted employees, and retention registers, by running RIF in TARIF system. Generates general and specific RIF notices to impacted and potentially impacted employees.

9. Provides technical guidance to key stakeholders regarding RIF policy, procedures, and guidelines.


Manager of unit to which assigned


1. Knowledge of federal laws and regulations governing reductions in force.

2. Ability to operate and maintain Microsoft Access Databases.

3. Knowledge of Postal Service reduction in force policies and procedures.

4. Ability to develop functional requirements to integrate data from multiple systems.

5. Skill using Microsoft Access sufficient to manipulate large data sets, and create and run complex queries and reports.

6. Ability to manage projects and competing priorities.

7. Ability to integrate and analyze data and information from multiple sources sufficient to identify and summarize impacts of organizational change initiatives.

  • Liam Skye

    It’s an EAS-23 job. At HQ, a 23 is hardly a “czar” – more like a low-level functionary a step above an administrative assistant. In most offices in HQ, the 23 is the lowest on the totem pole. That is probably a paper-shuffling job whose responsibility would involve complying with RIF procedures as far as notifications, correspondence etc.

  • SalubriousET

    What a great job. Coordinate efforts to rid people of their job. Does this apply across the board at the USPS? What happens when all the RIF-ing is done, then does this gig get RIF-ed?

  • BobOfArslan

    Donaho’s nephew will be getting the job.

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  • BobOfArslan

    Thanks for the spam. Now try getting a life.

  • Nick Danger

    They should start with area and district offices

  • doorcoach

    Job requirements include knowledge, ability and skill? That’s a first….


    They already have people like this as I already met them when I worked in district….Who are they kidding–This is a manufactured crisis created by a lame duck congress back in 2007. Congress has an ALEC agenda and keeps pushing anti-union and employee tactics to dismantle and privatize this agency– AMERICA needs to know their attempts to destroy this agency and the people who are CAREER employees within it.


    That’s how I know it is BS–Level 30 is the position pay — This is again a game to shake the bee hive–I have seen the ones that RIF in the Districts. I am tired of their games-The USPS is being controlled by Congress- Particularly Darrell ISSA and his so called reform committee and ALEC– they are being pulled apart and if the unions do not coordinate and fight this in court they will take it down.

  • R D

    This sounds like my kinda job. I’m filling out a 991 immediately. ~ Darrel Issa

  • Wayne

    What a job this is tring to figure out who to fire. I say start at the top and work your way down.

  • Sick and tired!!!

    At this stage of the game, I have almost 33 years in, but need 3 more years to reach my MRA! I’m ready to go NOW!!!!!!!!! This can’t happen fast enough, just one more thing, INCLUDE CARRIERS THIS TIME!!!

  • postal worker bruce

    Id RIF management for free.

  • Pack Mule

    But Donadope would have done this even had there been no recession, PAEA Act or downturn in the mail volume,remember,he was the hatchett man under Potter who was in charge of putting together the “Transformation Plan” years ago.He is nothing but a puppet of the Republicans like Issa who want to get rid of the Postal Service so they can profit off of it.

  • Pack Mule

    Why didn’t Donadope make this another VP position?.VP of RIF’s? the BOG’s lack of oversight and the lack of oversight from Assa’s committee has given him free reign to have as many VP’s as he wants and you know the EAS and management head count wont go down.

  • FedUp

    RIF should start in the PMG’s office. Eliminate all family members in management and this will solve our problems. Give the job to me and I’ll clear house.


    Agreed– Donahoe was the hatchet man under Potter and here lies the scheme– This is where they manufactured a fake financial crisis with many components–