Wheeler Bros. Awarded $2.9 Million LLV Shelving Contract

WBI will provide 10,000 shelving units for installation in Postal Service vehicles under initial delivery order

Alexandria, Virginia (July 23, 2014) –VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) subsidiary, Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI) was awarded a delivery order to supply 10,000 engineered shelving kits to the United States Postal Service for use in the Long Life Delivery Vehicles (LLV). This delivery order has a value of $2.9 million, with an option to purchase up to 40,000 additional kits following the initial delivery.

WBI submitted a design concept for purpose-built shelving units to address an increase in package deliveries by the Postal Service. Upon evaluation of the design, WBI was awarded the opportunity to supply 100 kits for in-field testing.  The Postal Service then released a new solicitation with a requirement to supply the first 10,000 units for installation by November of this year and WBI was awarded the contract. WBI will begin distribution of the shelving units to Postal Service vehicle maintenance facilities across the United States over the coming months.

“We are proud to provide a purpose-built solution in response to an increase in package delivery by the Postal Service,” said WBI President Chad Wheeler. “Our shelving solution was developed to give Postal Service carriers more space in the cargo bay area and reduce the need to lift large or heavy items from the rear of the vehicle. Additionally, the new shelving units require minimal installation time for technicians at the Postal Service maintenance facilities. WBI is committed to providing cost effective solutions to meet the expanding demands of the U.S. Postal Service.”

  • B

    Waste of money. These vehicles will not last much longer

  • Bob

    Why are they putting money into vehicles that are soon to be replaced?

  • Lynn

    I was around when the first LLV’s arrived…1987. 25 years was the expected life. These are now toast.

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    It seems that the Wheeler’s have relatives working in L’Enfant Plaza.
    No, working is not the correct terminology.
    Sitting behind a desk. Making a fortune. Collecting dust. Taking up room, etc

  • Jickee

    $290.00 per vehicle is not too extravagant, but it seems a little late in the live of the LLV for this modification.

  • Mr. Mailman

    Instead of being wise and replacing them with electric or hybrid vehicles,management will award another no-bid contract for a gas guzzling vehicle that is worse than this.

  • left4ded

    I made a shelf out of an old sheet of plywood. It sits on the wheel wells. Total cost: $0.00.

  • bigtime

    You are going to put shelves in llvs, now the height inside rear cargo hold is 4 feet . now when you blow out your back hunched over putting packages on shelving ,and you will , I hope lawsuits come from a design made to hurt your back.

  • Bob Venezia

    all the LLV’s are past there useful lifespan they are about to start buying new trucks in a year why put new shelves in 20 plus year old trucks it’s a little late for the party

  • Wayne Langley

    I had one of the original LLV’s off the assembly line. I kept it clean on the inside and always ran super unleaded in it. It had less than 40,000 miles on it when I retired and only went into the shop for scheduled maintenance.

  • Terry_Jim

    Minimal installation time for VOMA is true, ours refuses to touch them. We have one set to test, having difficulty installing them. Bringing a mallet today to persuade shelves into place.

  • Tracye

    I think I must have your LLV.