Investor says collapse of postal deal shows how vulnerable Staples is

An investor writing for Seeking Alpha thinks Stalpes’ days are numbered, and the abrupt cancellation of its deal with the USPS proves it:

StaplesShrews14-540x270 - EditedNothing shows Staples’ vulnerability more than its reliance upon school supplies. The Wall Street Journal reported that Staples has killed a program to open post offices in its stores. The program was killed because the American Postal Workers Union was able to get two teachers’ unions to join it in a boycott of Staples. The postal workers were mad because Staples employees are nonunion.

Staples’ management was afraid that teachers would start telling parents not to shop for school supplies at its stores. With its recent revenue losses, Staples needs all the customers it can get.

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  • rula

    what a joke!! would people really drive to a staples instead of PO?? Maybe for a stamp, but NOT for services. People want to TRUST who they gave their package to. Plain and simple. On another note, teachers are the main buyers at all office supply stores. With their OWN $$$ and their union protection. This not only threatens USPS unions, but all unions.

  • BFTS99

    People are cheap and ignorant and would gladly use this service to save a buck.