North Carolina couple arrested for mail and identity theft

DURHAM — The Durham County Sheriff’s office arrested a young couple Wednesday on charges relating to stealing their neighbors’ mail and committing fraud.

Amber Michelle Carthen, 23, and Donnie Paul Cates, 22, of Eaker Drive were arrested after Durham County Sheriff’s investigators alleged they were committing several types of fraud.

Investigators said Carthen and Cates stole and cashed an income tax return and used a stolen credit card to make various unauthorized purchases.

More charges are likely as the sheriff’s office works with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to investigate the crimes.

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  • Heather McFarland

    One of the real dangers of identity theft is when criminals obtain Protected Health Information (PHI), and other vital medical records. Your date of birth, social security number, home address – all of this, and more, is so incredibly sensitive that when it falls into the wrong hands it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Always ensure the safety and security of PHI and all other sensitive information by being vigilant as to who you give your information to. Never assume anything – ask if you are unsure. And remember, unlike credit cards that can be easily replaced, we all only have one date of birth, one social security number, so being breached has massive ramifications for years.