Video: Why there’s a cryptic puzzle in the post

As a hobby, it is esoteric and rather British: setting puzzles for postmen. For the past few years James Addison, 25, a graphic designer who lives in Poole, Dorset, has been sending letters to friends, family, and often himself. But instead of simply writing the address on the envelope, he has constructed a conundrum for his local Royal Mail sorting office to solve.

One address was written in morse code; one was a pencil sketch of the front of Addison’s office building, with the post code hidden in a street sign; one was constructed entirely as a sonnet.

Addison’s hobby has come to light after a video, shot by a friend, was published online. But while his pastime is eccentric, what is even stranger is that the employees of Royal Mail, grappling with cost cutting, appear not to resent his activities. Indeed, they seem to relish the challenge.

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  • Adam

    This puts a whole new spin on “Art Mail” in a wonderful way. I hope that I come across a letter like James Addison’s before I retire. I had the pleasure of being the artist Bob Ragland’s for a few years and I will never forget the Art Mail that he created.