PMG tells postal workers “The Staples relationship has been good for our business”

From USPS News Link:

Today’s customers demand more convenience, and the Postal Service is ready to offer it, with innovative programs for access to postal products and services.

“Customers want one-stop shopping,” PMG Pat Donahoe says in his latest video message to employees. “That’s why major retailers are adding services in their retail stores, like dry cleaning, pharmacies, banking and medical services. If the Postal Service is not at the table, our competitors will be.”

Donahoe explains that the pilot program started with Staples last October is an example of the innovation needed. “Improving access for our customers is the reason we launched the pilot program,” he says. “The Staples relationship has been good for our business. It has put volume in the mailstream, and increasing volume helps to preserve and support Postal Service jobs.”

The Staples pilot program will end starting Aug. 1. Participating Staples stores will transition to the Postal Service’s Approved Shipper Program, which is expected to be complete by Aug. 29.

“The Approved Shipper Program will give customers access beyond normal Post Office hours, in areas where we don’t have regular Post Offices,” Donahoe said, noting that 27 percent of the postal business in the Staples pilot occurred outside normal business hours. “With more outlets for our products and services, the Postal Service can grow business.”

The Approved Shipper Program has been in place since 2005 and almost 6,200 businesses participate nationwide.

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  • NB Post Office

    Then the PMG should give the customers want they want, and extend the window hours at the Post Office, with a well staffed window.

  • Lisa Demars

    Then put Postal workers in there! Nobody against the branching out. Just put people there yourebpaying to do the job!

  • Guest

    USPS must employ bargaining employees, but not Staples employees at their stores. USPS management is still doesn’t understand what bargaining employees are demanding.

  • Guest

    You got it stupid USPS, not Staples employees, employs APWU EMPLOYEES.

  • Nate

    This liar makes my blood boil. Talk about damage control. The Staples deal ticked off employees and people in other unions. USPS came off looking like thugs for wanting it in the first place. Now they think transferring the program under the Approved Shipper banner changes things. NO, it doesn’t. USPS employees should be doing this work regardless of location. Oh, someone nmght want to tell Donahoe that everybody knows News Link is nothing but propaganda – propaganda that gets sent out 5 days a week!

  • postalworker1

    maybe if you staffed it with usps emplyees we could hv made it work.

  • guest1

    for those that opposed the staples deal. I hope that they are happy that the UPS is back at Staples and will take Postal Revenue away. That was real smart.

  • Mail Clerk

    Downahole won’t mention is that mail deposited at Staples or any “Approved Shipper ” is not protected like it is at a post office.

  • Mail Carrier

    Don’t believe Downahole’s lies that this is a big moneymaker for the Postal Service,it is only part of his goal to outsource the retail and processing and leave the Postal Service a shell of what it used to be still heavy with bloated EAS and management employees.

  • Stellar Steve, Window Tech

    Our District “Marketing” wizards do the same thing, by visiting existing postal customers, and telling them how to mail at a cheaper rate, giving us the same mail volume but providing less revenue. To add insult to injury, these same wizards then declare this to be “new” revenue, giving them brownie points and probably a bonus. If the PO truly wanted NEW revenue, they should go after each and every piece of “mail” we get from UPS and FEDEX as a last mile of delivery, and tell the mailers how they could save money by simply using the PO in the first place.