USPS has employee arrested for terrorism after he reports carbon monoxide leak

oshaKMOX St Louis reports that the US Postal Service had a maintenance employee arrested on terrorism charges after he reported a carbon monoxide leak. It happened at the St Louis Network Distribution Center in Hazlewood MO. Now OSHA has filed a lawsuit against the USPS, demanding that the agency reimburse the worker for his losses.

The TV station says the unnamed worker “reported unsafe working conditions and suffered reprisals, including false charges of making a terrorist threat”.

The story doesn’t name the employee, or identify the postal official(s) responsible for the false terrorism charge.

The story quotes Marcia Drumm, acting regional administrator for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

The Postal Service not only disciplined this long-term employee for reporting unsafe working conditions, but also pursued a baseless criminal complaint against him resulting in his detention by law enforcement and the disparagement of his reputation. No American worker should be subject to such treatment. The department will do everything in its power to prevent this type of unlawful retaliation against workers who report unsafe working conditions.

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