Delivery fiasco: USPS removes cluster boxes, restores normal mail delivery in Lake Placid FL

lakeplacidThe USPS has beat a hasty retreat in Lake Placid Florida, where the postmaster decided to unilaterally switch local businesses to cluster box delivery. To add insult to injury, the cluster boxes were apparently installed on private property without first getting the owner’s permission. (It gets worse- the property owner in question was arrested at the request of the postmaster in 2009 for trespass. At the time he was raising funds for the local Lions Club, something he said he had been doing for years without any problem).

LAKE PLACID — Traditional mail delivery has returned to businesses along East Interlake Boulevard and North Main Avenue in Lake Placid. Controversial mail distribution centers — commonly called “cluster boxes” — were removed Friday.

The outcry from business owners, managers and staff was immediate. The most common complaints were a lack of notice the change was coming and a decision to install the cluster boxes without the consent of the property owners.

Rice said the site determination was made by Lake Placid Postmistress Tanya Schmidt. The installations were then authorized by Schmidt and a Growth Management Coordinator from a regional office.

Schmidt “was unaware that permits were required and expedited the installation of the boxes in the interest of safety,” Rice said. The safety aspect was not explained.

Ironically, the site chosen for the East Interlake Boulevard cluster boxes is on property owned by Miles Lambert, the same man who was ordered arrested by a Lake Placid postmaster in December 2009 after he refused to stop offering candy for donations as a Lions Club project to provide eyeglasses to children.

Read more: Door-to-door uptown mail delivery returns in Lake Placid – News-Sun: News.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    Guess the Almighty Darrell Issa & King Patrick Donahoe need to rethink their plans. Looks like the people don’t think it’s that good.

  • LI MailGuy

    Typical management move. Morons.

  • A joke

    Wonder how much money mgt wasted this time, put The cluster boxes in then all the expense to remove the cluster boxes. Probably get a promotion and a bonus

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    So.. what’s going to happen to “Lake Placid Postmistress Tanya Schmidt”??
    Can’t be fired-she’s a PM
    Maybe moved to a less desirable office?
    What a joke

  • Letter Carrier

    That’s how they operate- do what they want and deal with consequences later.

  • Ladychief

    I am sure she got promoted. That is the Postal way!

  • Ladychief


  • Ladychief

    Probably 10 of thousands of dollars. Again the postal way.

  • rtsutf

    Maybe her MPOO should get creative like ours did. We had a “Problem” PM in our district so her MPOO temporarily assigned her to run a local small 2 hour Post Office near by( on site not as a RMPO).

  • Carol Lemke

    As if they care what people think!

  • Fed Up

    Here we go again, another member of postal management team things they can do what ever they want. As a postmaster she took an oath to safe guard the post office. This oath includes finances. I would like to know how much money was wasted. It should come out of pocket for stupidity.