• TellItLikeItIs

    condoning the actions of hanging it up, but I don’t see how this is a
    racist action? Was it directed at someone they didn’t mention in the
    report? Saying the KKK used nooses is weak. They hung criminals in the
    wild west with nooses also.

  • TKozy43

    More likely directed at a supervisor and not anything racial. NAACP far too quick to jump in.

  • Dave

    Maybe a stressed out manager had it set up for him/herself? In our office, our station manager is always saying suicidal crap, stuff we would be walked out the door for. But, EAS gets a pass on this, as usual.

  • mailman

    Has nothing to do with racism. Has to do with the purposed closing of cmpdc in shrewsbury and possible closing of main st post office and of people losing their jobs. Why is this being twisted into something it is not.