Illinois mail handler fired after ignoring Hatch Act to run for Congress- twice

marcuslewisAn Illinois mail handler has been fired after he ignored warnings that his campaigns for partisan political office violated the Hatch Act. Marcus Lewis, who worked at the Carol Stream IL processing plant, ran twice for the seat formerly held by Jesse Jackson Jr- first in the 2012 general election, and again in the 2013 special election that was called after Jackson resigned his office.

Lewis, a Republican, claimed he had no knowledge of the Hatch Act provision that prohibits most federal employees from competing in partisan elections- despite repeated warnings from the USPS and the Justice Department that he needed to choose between withdrawing from the election, or resigning his job. While Lewis ran as an independent, the elections were considered partisan, making them off-limits to federal workers.

In the 2012 general election, Lewis actually got 40,000 votes- but he was far behind both Jackson, and the official GOP candidate, getting just 13.5% of the vote. What little support he had mostly evaporated in the special election, when he recorded just 1,345 votes, or 1.6%, trailing even the Green Party nominee.

Not surprisingly for a failed GOP politician, Lewis has responded to the loss of his postal job by running to Fox News, which has proclaimed him a true folk hero. The network is attempting to compare Lewis’s firing to the suspension handed out to an IRS worker accused of political activities on the job, ignoring the simple fact that the IRS employee admitted that he had violated the law, and accepted his punishment, while Lewis still claims to be above the law. (Fox also conveniently fails to mention that the law Lewis violated is the 2012 update of the Hatch Act, passed by the GOP controlled House).

Lewis may also consider himself above reality- faced, he says, with the need for a job to support his family, he’s decided to- what else?- run for Congress again!

  • George Pammer

    The Hatch act is unnecessary and unneeded. It should be repealed. There is no good reason to keep a postal employee from running for office in trying to better his community.

  • Hillary For President!

    In my area we heard the Hatch Act Mandatory Stand-Up every-other-month it seems. Anybody who runs for political office and are ‘unaware’ of laws directly affecting their employment, should probably not run at all. He can run to Faux News and get his little 2 minutes, who knows, maybe Faux can give him a job too. We don’t need any more politicians who think they’re above the law; Issa is already enough of a Dicktator.

  • joe stutzman

    that was a low blow–running to fox news. Hillary is a losing candidate and she runs to anybody who will listen

  • common sense

    I totally agree. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen any time soon, if ever. And it doesn’t mean you can violate any laws you disagree with and then pretend you’re a victim.

  • ShadeHunter

    Have been employed with p.o. over 10+ years at same p.o. NEVER have they had a standup talk about the Hatch Act. I see that the person who wrote this article doesn’t like Fox & must watch also of liberal main stream media. It is sad that the person who wrote the article can not provide their name or organization they write for. Can see now fair & prejudiced they are for the left wing liberal media.

  • Marcus Lewis

    I am not a Republican. FoxNews came to me for the interview.not the other way around. The IRS Worker was fired but somehow got a settlement deal for a suspension. I had no knowledge of the Hatch Act and had no training whatsoever the entire time at the Post Office.

    This was the penalty for running against admitted Felon JesseJackson Jr.

  • common sense

    No, it was the penalty for ignoring a law every postal worker knows about. You tried to become the darling of the Fox News crowd, and you failed miserably. The “convicted felon” got five times as many votes as you in 2012, and the “official” Republican candidate got almost twice as many. In the special election the next year, you only got 1.6% of the votes!! My god, even the Green Party candidate did better than you!

    Then in 2014, after all the publicity you got from Fox News and their allies, you got a grand total of 130 votes!

    Didn’t it occur to you that running on a platform of “Vote for the dumb guy” wasn’t a winning strategy?

    The IRS worker admitted he was in the wrong, apologized, and got back to work. You had the exact same opportunity and you refused it. That was your decision- take some responsibility for your actions.

  • Marcus Lewis

    You are just a stupid person. You don’t know the facts and obviously want to continue a lie. Don’t believe everything you read. I replied to your ridiculous psychology babble as you didn’t even know the unknown IRS Worker was originally fired.

  • common sense

    Good comeback! The original Dumb Guy calling someone else stupid! That ought to get you a ton of votes! Now maybe you could explain what “ridiculous psychology babble” you’re talking about? Are you sure you know what “psychology” means?

    And what is the “lie”? Everything in my comment is factual. Every time you run for this office you get fewer votes. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    2012- 40,006 votes
    2013- 1,359 votes
    2014- 130 votes

    Your best performance was when no one knew who the hell you were! And even then, in a solid Democrat district, the Republican got more votes than you did!

    So how’s the job hunt going?

  • Marcus Lewis

    There is no half truths. Your whole comment and thinking is a lie. If there is a fact you ignore then you are seeking to make a false point. Which is a lie. You, hiding in the shadows, are a liar. You need help with your issues.

    I, on the other have have set the record straight.

    I am done with this thread and erroneous story.

  • common sense

    So I guess that means you haven’t found a job yet?