Video: Postmaster Taking Long Breaks In Middle Of Work Day

CHICAGO (CBS) — The postal system is in financial trouble but the CBS 2 Investigators uncovered a boss at the federal agency who is anywhere but at work in the middle of his government day.

“I’m doing fine”, said United States Postal Service Northbrook Postmaster Ronald Weddington when confronted outside his Park Ridge home.

Postmaster Ronald Weddington is paid to run and keep a watchful eye on the entire branch of the U.S. Post Office in Northbrook, but who is keeping an eye on him? CBS 2 surveillance cameras documented the postmaster gone for long breaks in the middle of day, two hour, three hour and nearly four hour breaks along with questionably late start times and early departure times from his full time job.

Read more: 2 Investigators: Postmaster Taking Long Breaks In Middle Of Work Day « CBS Chicago.

  • Carol Strong

    The post office isn’t going to give you any information. The mdo’s and post masters stick up for each other like you already heard. Contact the postal inspectors.

  • Nick Danger

    This is something out of the ordinary? Happens everywhere, everyday. Excuse given, We’re on call 24-7.

  • Willshade

    Time for his promotion! Lol

  • @!@#f$%*(&

    Make him carry a scanner and put MSP stickers on his office desk, car, his favorite fast food joint, and his garage door.

  • mark reynolds

    This is typical of the management team that tracks our every move. Since his manager job is less than eight hours, we should eliminate it. Or less just see him pivot and run two other branches to make his job eight hours

  • Leroy Taylor

    Postal master or manager leave every day at p.o.
    Where at work. Always in the morning after 10.

  • Zeus

    The Postal Inspectors are under management’s control and even if they did try to charge him with time fraud,the higher ups have the power to have it dropped and promote him if they wish.

  • katie1111

    He thinks he is a United States Congressman.

  • Carries Now, And How!

    Time to start implanting salaried employees with a gps tracking chip.

  • Ruralboy

    His bonus is coming!!! Everybody sing with me….Kumbaya

  • hollywood

    Probably home drinking .

  • Sam

    They will do the same thing they always do with problem employees,move them to another location. Different postmasters come and go

  • Queen

    This is what this news station sees as news? Total harassment. SUE them brother. How many other executives do they question about their time in the office?

  • Zeus

    Because he would probably file an EEO complaint for harassment and discrimination…

  • Diana Bogatitus

    It’s about time they put videos of OVERPAID WHITE COLLAR POSTAL EMPLOYEES WHO PROBABLY NEVER “CARRIED” A DAY IN THEIR LIFE on tv. Everyone has videos of letter carriers “throwing” packages. They should let him be a CCA and work for $15 bucks an hour. Just to see how long he’d last!!! Douche Bag!!!

  • Fed Up

    This is an ongoing thing. We have postmasters and supervisors who are on the clock at the post office and working at another company on the clock at the same time. But management is never wrong. Craft employees jobs should not be cut, management needs to be cut in half. Customer Service Supervisors and and upper management need to be “working”. If your short on a carrier in your office, the postmaster should be delivering the mail that day. See how many will retire.

  • jim

    our clerk in our office reads magazines on the clock everyday.he gets pissed when a customer comes into the office

  • jim

    management needs something similiar to what carriers have in 3999. this clowns should be watched for 3 days and find out its basically a 3 hour day.also these postmasters at level 18 and some 20 need have dual appointments

  • bdingo

    postmasters/executives have no supervision ever–there was one PM that sold real estate on the clock—she got promoted!

  • Jeanne

    He has been doing it for literally years.

  • Jeanne

    Comes back angry a lot.

  • Leenzap

    well, I could give them some names of other PMs/Supvs who are of all different races. They could do an expose on them and then there would be no discrimination!

  • Scott

    I dont think they will even move him.

  • SaV

    This is such bullcrap this guy comes in after 9am then leaves when all the carriers are on the street he goes home and sits there for 3 hours and then comes back before the carriers get back then leaves early to go home are you kidding me any other job and you are fired it wasn’t just one day this guy was on camera for the whole week and there will be no discipline because they are afraid of the race card I saw it in my office we had a clerk with over 25 years of service with zero sick leave balance she would call in at least once or twice a month and would threaten an EEO claim. The postmaster and supervisor wanted no part of that and turned a blind eye to the situation A carrier who forgets to buckle up or leaves his or her door open when crossing a street or leaves the engine on when dismounting will be put on admin leave pending termination f-ing BS

  • Randy J Kowal

    What you say doesn’t make is actions right, does it?

  • Rock Nikon

    Long as you’re happy with what you got now for his replacement that’s what counts. You’re the one who reported him after all…….