APWU claims USPS is using trickery to try to derail the Staples boycott

From the American Postal Workers Union:

staplesnewJuly 9, 2014“A Postal Service letter to the APWU dated July 7 indicating that it is terminating the no-bid deal with Staples and replacing it with an ‘approved shipper’ program is a ruse,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “The USPS is changing the name of the program, without addressing the fundamental concerns of postal workers and postal customers. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

“The USPS letter to the APWU makes it clear: The Postmaster General intends to continue to privatize postal retail operations, replace living-wage Postal Service jobs with low-wage Staples jobs, and compromise the safety and security of the mail,” he said.

“The people of this country have a right to postal services provided by highly-trained, uniformed USPS employees who are sworn to safeguard the mail,” the union president added.

“This attempt at trickery shows that the ‘Don’t Buy Staples’ movement is having an effect,” Dimondstein said. “We intend to keep up the pressure until Staples gets out of the mail business.

  • barry

    Dumbahoe is so used to being able to fool his fellow managers with this trickery, he thinks it will work with everyone else. The only problem, for him and his minions at least, is that no one else believes a word he says anymore. He has as much credibility as the guy residing in the White House.

  • Postal Server

    Dumbahoe has less credibility than his boss,Assa,which is zero.

  • dan

    Nobody shops at staples anyways…