Embarrassed by travel card abuse, USPS cuts credit limit for infrequent travelers to $1

travelcardLast week the US Postal Service’s Inspector General issued yet another report on the abuse of USPS government travel cards by employees. Abuse of the cards has become a hot topic on right wing news media sites, which usually imply that “taxpayer dollars” are at risk, even though the neither the government nor the USPS is responsible for improper charges. (The cards are issued in the name of the employee, who is responsible for their use, the same as any other personal credit card.)

In response to the bad publicity, however, the USPS has decided to try to cut its losses somewhat (and remove temptation?) by lowering the credit limit on infrequently used cards to $1. From USPS News Link:

If you have a government-issued individually billed travel card and you haven’t used it in two years or more, the Postal Service will lower the card’s credit limit to $1, effective July 14.

If you plan to use the card for travel, you may request a credit increase by:

  • Following the existing procedures for requesting authorization to travel.
  • Sending an email to the local travel card coordinator, along with the documentation approving the travel.

The travel card coordinator will increase the credit limit to the approved amount.

Travel cards will be monitored every 12 months for inactivity. In May, the Postal Service also changed travel card guidelines for cash advances.

USPS News Link Story – Low and behold.

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