USPS responds to video showing postal worker tossing parcels into ravine

A USPS public relations staffer used Facebook last night to respond to a viral video apparently showing an Alabama postal worker tossing parcels into a ravine. News reports suggest that the individual shown in the video has resigned. As of this writing, the video has had almost a half million views:

The USPS response, posted on the Huffington Post via Facebook:

The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, the actions of any employee who mishandles mail or packages. A recent video obtained by the Postal Service appears to show a Postal Service employee discarding mail from his or her postal vehicle. If this video is accurate, then the behavior on the part of the employee shown in the video is not only unacceptable to the Postal Service, it threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. The USPS Inspector General has been notified and is conducting a full investigation of this incident. They will provide their findings and recommendations to the Postal Service and the United States Attorney’s Office for any further action.

Postal Worker Caught On Video Hurling Packages Into Ravine.

  • Queen

    I don’t think they scanned them as delivered either. Idiot.

  • MrZip

    CCA’s, pay them $15/hr, overwork them, treat them like slaves, presure them to get done and this is what you get. The regular workforce cares too much to do something like this. They too get treated like $hit, but they don’t treat their customers that way. I blame the entire USPS management style.

  • RouteAbolished

    Shown on national TV (CBS) news on Friday July 4. After seeing events like this almost daily, the Postal Service reputation is already more than tarnished. Remember Maxwell.

  • chuck

    there’s bad apples everywhere….crooked police,doctor abusing there patients,bad lawyers,so the postal services reputation wont be any worse. This guys going to jail ….end of story,everybody’s a drama queen looking pass judgement all the time

  • Rachel

    Cca may not have the best position but I strayed as a ptf making lesson money than They start out at and was treated like crap. Eventually you get a regular position. If you don’t want the job there are plenty of people who need jobs. It may not be the best but it’s a lot better than most jobs. You put up with carp anywhere. So suck it up and if you don’t like it quit. Don’t be destroying peoples packages and mail. The customer didn’t do anything to you.

  • Peeved T.

    This is a crock! A set up! Some one paid this moron to do this and had him videotaped to give leverage to the Staples ordeal! If not, then this jerk need s to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible…resigning is bullshit!

  • Newman

    In our office phoney “delivered’ scans are manually input on all the parcels that didn’t go out that day when they should have. This get done by the pm and acting supes after everyone went home. The oig knows of this but does nada.

  • Carol Strong

    I don’t think it was a set up. He was probably reported to his supervisor for something and this is his way of getting back at the customer

  • jonnyohio

    She was a CCA making only $15.30 and hour and quit, because her stupidvisor was one of those slave drivers that jumps up and down and yells about being a little over time on a route, and makes unreasonable demands. This is the hottest time of year there, so working 8-12 hours in the hot sun 6 days a week is not fun. She had spilled water from a cooler in the back of the vehicle and it ruined some bundles of bulk mail that is not addressed to anyone. These are ads that are placed in customer mailboxes that businesses order at dirt cheap prices. Lots of these end up in the trash for various reasons. Instead of bringing them back and getting yelled at by her stupidvisor for ruining them, she threw the bundles in the ravine and then apparently resigned….which is not what you are supposed to do, but she just didn’t want to have to deal with the asshole. What you see in the video are not packages being thrown.

    I read the full story from someone that knows.