PASS it on: New equipment improves package processing

From USPS News Link:

The Postal Service has deployed almost 2,500 new package processing units at facilities across the nation, part of an ongoing effort to boost the organization’s shipping business.

The Passive Adaptive Scanning System (PASS) improves tracking at high-volume facilities. An additional 1,600 PASS units are slated to be deployed by mid-October, bringing the total number of units to more than 4,100.

The equipment is receiving strong reviews at facilities such as the West Caldwell, NJ, Post Office. “I’ve been here for 38 years and I never expected this type of technology,” said Mail Processing Clerk Henry Singleton.

When packages arrive at the West Caldwell Post Office, employees use PASS to scan them; customers who are tracking the package at see the message “Arrival at Unit.” Once the package leaves the facility, customers see “Out for Delivery.”

“I realize that people are relying on me to be accurate,” Singleton said.

The Postal Service’s package volume increases have boosted overall revenues by 11.2 percent this year. USPS plans to adjust some shipping prices to attract more business customers and streamline its mail processing operations, which will allow the organization to invest in new package sorting equipment and other upgrades.

  • Nick Danger

    I’m still driving a vehicle from 1985

  • Larry Croft

    we have one in our office, The clerks scan the package and toss it into a buggy and then another clerk sorts it to the route. The scanner tells you what route it goes to but they wait and throw them when the buggy is full. Too bad it can’t tell if the recipient is a box holder

  • Surprise!

    They told us the DPS machines were great also. They turned out to be a waste of billions of dollars.

  • need calculator

    Might want to check your math.

  • Newman

    West Caldwell mail was “up” over an hour late today.

  • LNR

    Yes it does tell you if is a box holder, you can also get a picture of the package when you are giving it out at the window.

  • Ronolfo Nazario

    The writing is “on~the~wall”…can you say ‘privatization’…