NAPS reiterates opposition to USPS plant closures

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors:

naps-logoThe Postal Service on June 30 announced a major restructuring of its mail processing network with the closure of eighty-two (82) processing facilities throughout the country beginning in January, 2015.

NAPS opposes the Postal Service’s plan because it will slow down the nation’s mail service, further dismantle the distribution network and eliminate middle-class jobs.  The plan will largely eliminate local overnight First Class mail delivery currently the national standard for all local deliveries. Veterans also will be hurt, since nearly twenty percent of the Postal Service’s workforce is comprised of veterans.  Veterans are not entitled to any preference or future employment rights when postal facilities are outright closed.

To read NAPS full media statement, click here.

  • Goes around comes around

    Interesting how when function 4 teams of NAPS employees came around with their clipboards and “fear us we are postal gods”attitude and gutted the clerk and carries crafts all was fine. Cut window clerks, cut routes out of offices and smile while u did it. How’s it feel? Now you’re concerned suddenly about service , veterans and middle class jobs. You can go back to craft jobs where dois is your friend . Pivoting helps you keep your job. No need to count spurs and parcels you’re going by anyway

  • KMA

    It is curious how NAPS sides with the position of the craft unions. They are the ones causing most of the issues with the postal service. There have been more management positions create under the current PMG then any other PMG. This is while craft positions have be cut and excessing has been common place. Management eats their own. So let the feast begin. 🙂

  • divide and conquer

    Comments like yours make the PMG sooooo happy! His worst fear is employees getting together to fight him. Much easier when the clerks and carriers and, yes, supervisors are at each other’s throats! Couple of things:

    -“NAPS employees” don’t do function 4 reviews- supervisors do them, and they do them because it’s part of their job- it’s not something they came up with on their own to piss you off. I don’t know any supervisors who enjoy doing them.

    -I also don’t know any supervisor who wants to get rid of clerks. Why would they? The fewer employees you have, the tougher it is to get the work done.

    -Supervisors aren’t privileged executives- as far as the executives in the District, Area and HQ suites are concerned, they’re barely a rung above craft employees- with the added advantage that they can’t file grievances.

    NAPS members have always been concerned about service, veterans, etc., because it’s their job, just like it’s yours. And many of them ARE veterans. They don’t have anything to gain by the USPS being privatized, or people like you losing your job. You’re all in this boat together, whether you like it or not.

  • divide and conquer

    “There have been more management positions create under the current PMG then any other PMG. ”

    Pure BS

    Show us the numbers- what’s your source?

  • underdog

    You a supervisor by chance?

  • rtsutf

    So what if he or she is, the point is well made!

  • divide and conquer

    As a matter of fact, no- are you? Would being a supervisor disqualify me from commenting? Would being a craft employee disqualify KMA, or you?

    Here’s a suggestion- why don’t you try responding to the points I raised in my comment. I know that’s harder than just saying “You a supervisor by chance?”, but I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you’ll come up with something!

    Then again, maybe not.

  • JG4th

    it is entitled to it’s unsubstantiated opinion…. I think what it meant to say was HQ positions…. so glad I retired… saw the handwriting on the wall and wanted no part of it

  • zipcdr

    I believe a check of the numbers will show that supervisors and postmasters have been cut. It is headquarters that has had a 50% increase in staffing in the last 15 years. This is probably due to all of the vice-president “positions” that have been dreamed up, and their support staff.

  • underdog

    Here’s a suggestion for you. Back up yourclaim that the sstatement is pure bs, or does not supplying figures not apply toyou? There iI’ve replied to your whine. I can reveal who I am, can you?

  • underdog

    You’re so cute.

  • divide and conquer

    Not sure what country you’re from originally, but in this country asking someone to back up their assertions is not what we call “whining”- it’s called having a discussion.

    You’re the one making a claim, so you need to back it up. That’s another custom we have in this country. If YOU make a claim, then YOU have to back it up. Produce some evidence if you can, and then I’ll prove you wrong. The problem is, you can’t produce any evidence to back up your claim.

    You a scab by chance?