Is the PMG lashing out at Congress by closing plants?

Patrick DonahoeThe sudden announcement that the USPS would begin closing more processing plants next year took many by surprise. At least one mailing industry observer suggests that the PMG’s move may have been born at least partly, of anger over the failure of Congress to give him what he wants- five day mail delivery. At the Intellisent Postal Affairs blog, Lisa Bowes deconstructed the USPS statement:

Why are we taking this step now?

Several reasons. Angry about no 5 day from Congress- the timing of this announcement is just not coincidental – and anger at the Staples blowback. I have to confess, I bought in to the Staples rhetoric at first, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and that pudding is some rotten.

We believe strongly..

This is the part that makes me sad, because I do think the USPS believes strongly. However, I think their arrogance makes them bad listeners, and bad listeners can’t be successful in the long run. I hope I am wrong on that, because I value the postal system.

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  • He needs to go

    He needs to go. Like general motors recall problems, put someone that can lead the ship to port. Not wait till the bad weather passes!

  • zipcdr

    He’s a back-stabbing traitor and big time liar. Every proposal he has made is to destroy the US Postal Service. He is probably busy most of the time on the phone with the Republican privatizers in congress, explaining that he has done everything he can but the damned employees just won’t lay down and quit.

  • MS. ZIP

    USPS is at a point where they’re ready to implode. They are deep in debt, are not able to borrow any more money and are pretty much out of options when it comes to their survival. That explains this desperate move. Here’s one thing I don’t understand. If the USPS is in such trouble, why does its headquarters keep hiring? They have posting up for at least 10 new jobs in DC, most of which will probably pay the person hired six figures!!!! But they don’t cut there. Stupid. Completely stupid.

  • hrdcorefan

    His lasting legacy will be the Postmaster who privatized the USPS…

  • matt

    If the first phase worked so well why are carriers start time pushed back all over the nation?! Why did we have carriers on the street after dark? I know you are paid to paint this to be a great idea/plan but reality is this plan will only slow the mail down increasing more people to not to use the postal service. Way to many upper management personal have no concept of what goes on in ao’s. Most of the have never sold a stamp to a true customer, walked a route putting mail in mail boxes or sorted mail on the work room floor. They are so out of touch with daily operations of the postal service they cant understand how the decisions they make effects that daily routine!

  • Billy Jay

    Excellant point. I cannot think of one constructive thing he has proposed, can anyone else? Everything is cut, cut cut.

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    When carrying over a loss, one does not keep deducting it every quarter. This “Ooh we have lost “$26B” is getting old as well as unbelievable. Operating income is in the black, and has been for awhile now, TELL THE TRUTH!

  • Mark Robinette

    Time to remove the biggest obstacle to Postal Reform….. Replace the PMG with a competent Manager that will not oversee the destruction of the USPS but the stabilization and renewal. Oh and remove the Pre-funding of the retirement system and go back to the pay as you employ.

  • MS. ZIP

    Some things I noticed here:

    1. Why the “catty” reply from USPS? It’s interesting that that they chose to push the argument Lisa Bowes made back on her and took a completely unprofessional shot at her reading comprehension. If Lisa was so wrong, why not categorically deny what she suggested? Why not say “it’s simply not true.” Notice that they didn’t deny it. Hmmmm. Maybe Lisa was onto something.

    2. Several weeks ago the PMG sided with a proposal in Congress to move to 5 day mail delivery in exchange for (and as a way of paying for) highway funding. The PMG sided with the people looking to destroy USPS in a ploy to deceive the American people (since cutting delivery days could no way produce funds to pay for this proposal). Not only was that a desperate move, it was a devious one. USPS Communications, please convince us now that the PMG doesn’t make capricious or wrongheaded moves?

    3. The claim that Network Rationalization was “highly successful” is only true in money it saved. Look how much damage it caused to postal employees and customers. Employees must work late into the night now to handle increased loads. Despite USPS propaganda that the move wouldn’t impact delivery, customers are seeing longer wait times for deliveries and increased numbers of lost mail. USPS social media is flooded with complaints as are customer service personnel. (Trying waiting on the phone for hours just to speak with customer service.)
    4. The next “rationalization” that must occur at USPS is with its leadership. Time for change at the top, a lot of change. If the USPS is looking to make cuts, why not do it at its bloated, hopelessly outdated headquarters operations. Wouldn’t that be the ideal place to institute some privatization and outsourcing?

  • matt

    Well said! I couldnt agree more. The way you worded your response was dead on!!!! Thank you

  • postalnews
  • Oui deliver

    Way to go, Lisa! USPS was completely out of line. Not only did they go behind her back to respond, their response was thoroughly unprofessional. Wheels coming off the cart at L’Enfant. Has everyone had enough of postal service “leadership”?

  • vitameatavegamin

    Another note: only morons and teatards bellieve that USPS Corporate Communications is believable…..99% of those USPS employees who actually move the mail don’t!