USPS announces “up to 82” facilities to be consolidated

Update: click here for a list of the facilities to be consolidated, in .pdf format

From USPS News Link:

The Postal Service will continue the network rationalization of its mail processing operations next year, PMG Pat Donahoe announced today.

Up to 82 facilities will be consolidated beginning in January 2015 and concluding prior to the fall mailing season. The changes are expected to generate $750 million in annual savings.

“The Postal Service has recorded substantial losses over the last three years and continues to see steep declines in First-Class Mail volume and revenue. As a result, we find ourselves with excess capacity in the network and few alternatives to reduce costs. Our operating costs are continuing to increase, and our debt and other liabilities threaten our financial viability,” Donahoe said in a video message to employees.

USPS also is grappling with legislative mandates, ongoing uncertainty over legislative reform, and a court review of recent price changes, which have delayed much-needed investments in new equipment and vehicles.

In 2012 and 2013, USPS consolidated 141 mail processing facilities, generating annualized cost savings of approximately $865 million. The consolidations required no employee layoffs.

For employees who may be impacted by upcoming consolidations, the Postal Service remains committed to finding reassignment opportunities in other locations. Donahoe emphasized that the Postal Service also remains committed to keeping employees informed.

“For now, I ask that you continue to do your job to the best of your ability and continue to work with your customers to assure them that the transition will be smooth. You have my commitment that I’ll continue to keep you informed as we work with you to make these transitions,” Donahoe said.

  • David Richert

    Negligible service impact? Are you kidding me? Many offices having to start an
    hour later than they used to because the plants can’t get the mail out,
    causing mail delivery to be later, is a significant impact.

  • tiredofthis

    All they care now is money, not public services, Ladies and gentlemen.

  • postalworker1

    HEY MR. PMG,, DDNT U ALREADY DO ENOUGH TO THE CLERKS,,does som1 hav the #,s from 2006 to now as to what we had for CLERKS,MH, CARRIERS, BY EACH YR,, thx if som1 has the info,

  • PostalMike

    I’m a clerk at one of the plants listed in this article. This will be the 4th time since 2011 that we’ve been told we’re closing. The decision was reversed the first three times. I wish the PMG would realize that all his back and forth affects people as much as closures and uncertainty do.

  • Robby

    Regretfully if you have more than 10 years to retirement I strongly recommend that you either try to use your civil service status to switch agencies or go back to school to retrain. This is a tough decision but a realistic one you have to seriously consider. We live in a former textile town where many people worked in that industry. The few that took the time to learn new skills( many over 50 years old) have done very well and are more satisfied with their life. The rest have fallen by the wayside, on public assistance, many with broken families, alcoholism, drug abuse, and crime. This has happened to members of my family.

  • Polski Loco

    We’re in a death spiral. Donahoe is doing what he can, and doing a damn good job, I might add. Don’t take it personal, it’s just business. If you weren’t a bunch of greedy, self
    -serving bastards. who vote for that mulatto Marxist, you might have a functioning brain and could comprehend what is transpiring.