PMG says USPS can provide 15 minute notice of package delivery

The International Post Corporation held its annual conference in Lucerne, Switzerland last month, where the theme was “E-Commerce: the New Normal”. In an interview, US Postmaster General Pat Donahoe spoke about the importance of ecommerce to the USPS. He said that the USPS needs to make its shipping services affordable and reliable.

Towards that end, he claimed that the USPS will be able to provide real-time delivery notifications: “this summer we’re going to be able to tell customers when a package is within 15 minutes of delivery to their house”

IPC 2014 Conference

  • Momma_T

    Sure, unless it comes after the carrier’s lunch or break, or the carrier has to run extra off another route. Just because we’re 15 minutes from their house, that doesn’t mean we’ll be there in 15 minutes.

  • Letter Carrier

    I think it he’s saying the customer will be notified within 15 minutes AFTER the parcel has been delivered. So we have already left it and are on our way to next delivery, lunch, etc.

  • Retired Carrier

    No, he is saying 15 minutes before delivery.

  • bigtime

    Pat, we got 100 plus packages in truck with crap fss,DPs,and cased mail, jersey barriers on rear wheel ledge, no shelves,everything crushed.we pivot in office,we pivot on street we can’t get a day off cause there is not enough carriers .nothing scans ,1 arm with flats and letters the other digging out fss from satchel and opening doors mailboxes and scanning, and you are gonna throw this out there?we also got carriers dying in heat getting legs cutoff from working at rear of these death machines.when is enough from you? When you gonna listen to the people that actually do the job? Just like we don’t get time for anything , packages don’t count they deliver themselves .you squeezed us dry now people are dying.

  • Tn Rural Carrier

    This is a statement you would expect from him because he has no idea what happens in the USPS daily.