APWU to Launch Vigorous Campaign Against Plant Closures, Consolidations

apwulogoJune 30, 2014 – The APWU today denounced plans by the Postal Service to resume the closure and consolidation of up to 82 mail processing plants beginning in January 2015.

“This is a direct assault on service to the people of the country, on postal workers and on the Postal Service’s own network,” said union President Mark Dimondstein. The closure of the plants will require the USPS to degrade service standards and delay mail.

“We need a Postmaster General who will champion the Postal Service. Instead, PMG Donahoe is on a rampage to destroy it,” he said.

Employees who are reassigned outside their installation are expected to move on Jan. 10, 2015, the USPS said in a June 30 letter to the APWU. Union leaders received the USPS letter via fax, just minutes before employees were informed of management’s plans.

Muster a Fight-Back

The APWU president vowed to work with other postal unions and the public “to muster a fight-back similar to the recent campaign to protect six-day mail delivery.” The House Appropriations Committee voted on June 25 to reinstate a provision requiring six-day mail delivery in a funding bill. A week earlier a House subcommittee had approved a bill that dropped – for the first time in more than three decades – the six-day delivery requirement.

The 82 facilities were among 242 sites targeted for closure in September 2011 and February 2012, and most of them went through partial consolidation in 2012 and 2013.

“These plants are suffering from last year’s hit,” said Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy. “Now the delays in mail delivery will become even longer, damaging service to individuals, small businesses, and mailers.

“Package deliveries, bills and bill payments, election materials, absentee ballots, wedding invitations and letters to family and friends will be adversely affected by this move,” she said.

Service standards were reduced July 1, 2012, and approximately 140 plants were consolidated in 2012 and 2013. In January 2014, the USPS posted a notice in the Federal Register notifying the public that it was postponing plans to further reduce service standards. Plants consolidations were also placed on hold.

“I believe the decision to resume plant closures is a purposeful attack by the Postmaster General, who is retaliating because he could not get five-day delivery. He’s also frustrated by the union’s powerful campaign against the deal between the USPS and Staples,” Szeredy said.

Ignoring the Possibilities

The Postal Service claims the plant closures will generate $750 million in annual savings. “Yet he is ignoring a report by the USPS Office of Inspector General that says the Postal Service could generate $9 billion by offering basic financial services without any cuts to traditional postal service,” Szeredy said. “Something is wrong with this mentality.”

“The Postmaster General also neglects to mention that the USPS earned a profit from operations in fiscal year 2013 and in the first two quarters of 2014,” she added.

Donahoe claims that there have been steep declines in first-class mail, Szeredy pointed out, “yet he fails to tell the public that the USPS has already given away 60 percent of first-class mail processing to Pitney Bowes and other pre-mail sort houses.”

“The APWU headquarters will release a major battle plan to stop the consolidations and the attack on service because the future of the USPS depends on it,” the union vice president said.

“We will make this fight a nationwide campaign and ask all Americans to stand up and fight back.”

“Get ready for the crusade. We cannot sit back and let the PMG destroy our Postal Service,” she said.

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  • Tony

    Donahoe needs to go! I tried to understand his intentions over the past several years, but between being in over his head and far too wishy washy, the time has come to stop the unnecessary cat and mouse game with Congress! During times like this the Service needs someone in charge with a set of Balls period! This guy is not the man!

  • Stand up

    PMG Donahoe is doing exactly what he was hired to do, dismantle and sell off the infrastructure of the USPS until it will collapse. Congress stalls to give him the time he needs. Has has likely already prepared his departure speech for the Postal collapse. Its a shame so many employees apathetically sit back and do nothing until it will be too late. They need to unite and file , file , file for every contract violation. Iam proud of our new apwu president .

  • Angry American

    A leader like Donahoe would be the first killed on a battlefield…. By his own men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b9bt

    Now that we have the 4 UNIONS AS AN ALLIANCE; we should be doing more. Time to picket the White House, Congress, L’Enfant Plaza, Issa etc; all our Anti -Union- Anti Post Office Bashers; RIGHT WING Media . What does it cost to make a picket sign? One (1) rally a year What does it cost to start a rally (NALC). Pres. Rolando (NALC) is a paper tiger. Pres. Diamondstein (APWU) puts his talk to action. Time to step up to the the plate. All the 1970 Postal Strike participants put their jobs on the line and were looking at Jail Time. Our hard won jobs came at a cost; Our hard earned benefits seems to be always in jeopardy. Don’t be complacent. We’re all in this together. Active Retired Letter Carrier- NYC

  • John B

    I am a retired Postmaster and believe that the USPS needs to change with the times. Door delivery, saturday delivery, and FEHBP past the age of 65 for life are three reasons that the USPS is bleeding. The Unions/Management Organizations have a responsibility to protect their membership into retirement, not bankrupt the place so no one retires. Us retirees are lucky to have our retirement come from OPM instead of the USPS.

  • john

    Sadly, Donahoe will be in his current position until his goal is achieved.