CBO: Issa’s postal bill would save USPS $23.6 billion, cost taxpayers $6.6 billion

The Congressional Budget Office has released its estimate of the budget impact of Darrell Issa’s postal bill, HR 2748. The bill would reduce USPS expenses by

  • eliminating Saturday mail delivery
  • reducing benefits to postal workers and retirees
  • eliminating home delivery of mail for some customers
  • changing the pre-funding formula for USPS future retiree health benefits

The CBO says that those measures would save the USPS $23.6 billion over the next ten years. The estimate assumes that customers would be willing to pay increased rates for the reduced services the USPS would offer in the future. The Issa bill would also shift $6.6 billion in costa to the taxpayer, increasing the federal budget deficit. (Apparently it’s not a “bailout” if Congressman Issa proposes it?)

CBO Estimate: H.R.2748 – 113th Congress (2013-2014): Postal Reform Act of 2013 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress.

  • Bob

    Yeah it figures that you want to change the terms of my retirement after I put in 30 years! What a jerk, if you reduce mine you should reduce yours as well! We all know this won’t happen. Why don’t you just leave the postal service alone and concentrate on stop sending our hard earned money to other countries, this would be a far bigger savings to this country, probably around 100 billion or more.

  • RandyF

    What an Issa-Hole.

  • Big T.

    Hopefully, Issa’s constituents realize by now that he is a complete A..hole and are simply humoring him and his juvenile approach to killing our country’s finest full service institution! The man is completely clueless on his own!

  • Postman

    How would it benefit the Postal Service if Congress is going to use the cost savings for other projects? And what about the $ 5.5 billion dollar yearly payment to the Treasury that the Postal Service has not paid for the last two years but still claims as losses that needs to be eliminated?

  • Mailmam

    more details

  • Duh

    Click the link and read the report.

  • Mr Zip has cashed out

    Bob we can all appreciate the fact the USPS is being used to impose a stamp tax on the American public but unfortunately our woes won’t be solved through congress because they have caused most of the financial issues since 1971.